This 93-Year-Old Retired Pilot Is Taking Questions On Twitter, But He Does Not Care About Your Opinions

You should always respect the wisdom of your elders. And you should most definitely respect Chuck Yeager, the 93-year-old former pilot on Twitter who puts everyone in their place. In case you don’t know (and you should), Yeager is a retired Air Force general, and he is the only pilot ever to have broken the sound barrier in a flight. During his 60-year career in the Air Force, he fought in World War II, was the first guy the military called to test fly new aircrafts, and is just a general badass. But now Yeager is running his own Twitter account, and it might be his best career move yet.

Instead of appeasing his eager fans, Yeager shuts them down in the best way possible. He’s not grumpy or mean — he just doesn’t have time for BS. So don’t ask him a stupid question. But he does answer almost every question tossed his way. It’s like an ongoing Ask Me Anything, and while he’s apparently game to tweet, it doesn’t mean he has to be nice about it.

For former General Yeager, there is such a thing as a stupid question. In fact, it’s probably a safe bet that Yeager thinks most questions are just fucking stupid. So if you’re looking for validation, don’t tweet at ole Chuck.

Recently, he’s been pretty vocal about the whole Colin Kaepernick scandal. Yeager is not happy about the NFL player’s method of protest or the reasons behind it. When someone asked him what he thought about it, he replied, “Doing it for attention — he got some. Send him to Africa so he can see what actual oppression is.”

Before you start to think Yeager is being naive or try to school him on policy, check yourself. One follower took him to task for the comment, comparing American corporations to African dictators, and Yeager replied, “Son, when you’ve been to Africa and know what you are talking about, then you can tweet here.” Yeager shuts people down like enemy planes in his way.

And when someone says the country should band together and do “great things,” Yeager asks, “What have you done regarding “great things?” Chuck knows everything. You know nothing.

But other times it’s more lighthearted and he’s just the best monosyllabic grandpa ever. Fans ask him if he wants to go to Mars. “No,” he answers. Does he like Buzz Aldrin? “No.” He just has no more fucks to give. And why should he?

I sort of like Yeager’s style. There’s no reason to over analyze things or think about stupid “what if” scenarios like flying to other planets. After scrolling through his timeline, there are valuable life lessons to be learned — don’t be stupid; learn to spell; stop taking pictures of your cat. All very good advice.