New Yorkers Will Be Able To Have Medical Marijuana Delivered Very Soon

Pretty soon, New Yorkers will be able to legally have medical marijuana delivered right to their door. The state announced Tuesday that part of its expansion of the medical marijuana program will include allowing dispensaries to deliver pot to people’s homes, along with expanding access to the drug. Of course, you’ll still need to qualify for a medical marijuana card, but this is great news for anyone who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their tiny New York City apartment to pick up their weekend supply of pizza, wine, and weed.

Not intended to help stoners get high (though we all know they’ll find a way to reap the benefits), the move was meant to make it easier for people who need to drug to reduce pain but aren’t physically able to leave their homes. New York weirdly doesn’t allow medical marijuana to be smoked, so it has to be delivered in spray, tincture, or other forms. The change will take place really soon, as the New York Health Department plans to let companies know about the delivery requirements sometime this week so deliveries can begin next month. It’s nice to know government bureaucracy can do its job quickly and effectively when it comes to home drug delivery.

New York began its medical marijuana program in 2014 by enacting the Compassionate Care Act, meant to ensure medical marijuana is available for certified patients with serious conditions and is dispensed in a way that “protects public health and safety.” However, it is still technically illegal under federal law, so the state waited to expand the program until it had collected enough data on who was using it. Having the data doesn’t make it any more legal in the eyes of the feds, but it does scientifically back up why the state’s allowing more medical marijuana use.

“We don’t want the federal government to come in and exercise an enormous amount of oversight and shut the entire program down,” Alphonso David, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s counsel, told The New York Times. “We’ve always been interested in expanding the program. We just wanted to make sure we had the data to support it.”

The Health Department will also allow more New York companies to sell medical marijuana, making the drug more accessible to patients throughout the state. The state isn’t anywhere near the marijuana legality level of states like Colorado and Washington, where recreational weed is totally legal, but this is a major step toward the freedom to get high whenever you please.