Chris Brown’s Latest Legal Trouble Further Proves His Anger Is Usually Directed At Women

On Tuesday, rapper Chris Brown was involved in a strange standoff with police and subsequently arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a female houseguest. He was released later Tuesday night on $250,000 bail, but that’s not the point: Chris Brown is dangerous and continuously assaults woman. Enough is enough with Chris Brown already.

Baylee Curran alleged that she and a friend went to Brown’s house, where there were already people hanging out. Someone was showing off jewelry and when the girls got close, Curran alleges Brown pulled a gun on them. According to The Los Angeles Times, she and her friend left the house, were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to get their phones back from Brown’s security, and then called 911.

Police attempted to enter the home and were told to come back with a search warrant. In the meantime, Brown made three Instagram videos, which have since been deleted, claiming he was the victim of police harassment. He was arrested later in the evening when the police returned with a warrant.

Already though, the usual excuses for Brown’s behavior have begun on social media. His lawyer tweeted, “Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes. Chris is out and well. The allegations against him are demonstrably false #TeamBreezy.” Brown’s been Instagramming videos from friends, like Ray J, claiming he’s innocent, and fans are saying Brown “needs help.” Also, TMZ pointed out that Curran has been under investigation for theft in the past.

Real friends!!!!! The world will see!!! TRUST ME

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This is the man who plead guilty to felony assault for choking Rihanna and was sentenced to five years probation, which he violated — twice. First for smashing his mother’s car window while in rehab and then for punching a man in D.C.. He was even thrown out of rehab for violent behavior; he broke a window after Robin Roberts asked him too many questions about Rihanna on Good Morning America. In 2015, a woman filed charges for third degree assault after she was allegedly thrown off Brown’s tour bus because she wouldn’t give up her phone. This summer, a woman alleged that he punched her in the face for taking a picture of him.

The list of violent outbursts goes on and on.

Sure, Brown obviously needs help. But he needs to be contained and rehabilitated and put the hell away. People need to stop defending and protecting him, as if he is the victim.

One arrest is one thing. Repeated violent outbursts, often aimed at women who get in his way, is a whole different ball game. Chris Brown is dangerous, and it doesn’t matter if the woman in question “handled” the situation poorly or is under a criminal investigation.

Brown has proven himself time and time again to not be in control of his emotions. Chris Brown needs to get his act together and everyone around him — I’m looking at you, fans tweeting about his innocence — needs to stop pretending that his behavior is acceptable.

Some people insist that all the various claims against Brown throughout the years are untrue and that he’s just misunderstood and taken advantage of, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.