7 New TV Shows Coming Out This Fall You Don’t Want To Miss

Fall is coming, and that means lots and lots of new TV shows. This year’s lineup has a lot to offer, from superheros to reboots of ’80s action franchises, from nerd fights to sumptuous period dramas, from vampire hunting to life as a woman in the 21st century, to serious real-life issues. Looking through the new shows for fall reveals that while some showrunners are sticking to tried-and-true concepts (not that there’s anything wrong with that per se), others are taking real risks by tackling race, disability, and other topics that mainstream shows often try to avoid.

The fall TV lineup also suggests that this year is going to be a great one for geeks. With more Marvel superheroes coming to Netflix, a SyFy series based on viral internet horror stories, and an online comedy show based around the premise of “Which is better, X or Y?,” viewers with nerdier inclinations will be spoiled for choice.

We’ve picked out seven of the many shows coming out this fall that you need to watch out for. Some are potentially groundbreaking, some stick to the formulas viewers already know and love, but all of them are set to bring something exciting to the screen.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage
CREDIT: Netflix/YouTube

He’s bulletproof. He’s basically invulnerable. He’s totally hot. OK, that last one isn’t related to the central premise of the show, but it is true. Following his appearance in Jessica Jones, superhero/sexy man Luke Cage is headlining his own action drama on Netflix, where he’ll be kicking ass on the streets of Harlem. Episodes of Luke Cage go live from Sept. 30 onwards.


Insecure trailer

Issa Rae, star of the hit YouTube series “Awkward Black Girl”, brings her inimitable comedic voice to HBO for Insecure, a sitcom focusing on the misadventures of an awkward (of course) woman trying to navigate friendship, workplace gaffes, texting etiquette, and all the other things that make life in the 21st century what it is. Although it deals with everyday topics, Insecure is also pretty groundbreaking; it’s the first black-female-led show to appear on premium cable and is one of only a few sitcoms created by and starring a black female lead. Insecure’s first episode airs Oct. 9.



A family sitcom with a difference from ABC. Speechless centers on the Dimeo family’s struggle to create the best home environment and find the best care for their oldest son, JJ, who has special needs. The actor playing JJ, Micah Fowler, has cerebral palsy in real life, which is a rare instance of a disabled character actually being played by an actor with a disability. From what we can tell, Speechless is the first primetime family sitcom to feature a protagonist with special needs and to place disability issues at the center of its story. Speechless premieres Sept. 21.

Debate Wars

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.29.49 PM
CREDIT: Seeso/YouTube

Because there aren’t enough people arguing on the internet, online channel Seeso brings us Debate Wars, a show hosted by Michael Ian Black in which comedians go head to head on the big issues of the day — issues like “Is pie better than cake?” or “Are old people better than babies?” Debate Wars’ master debaters include Janeane Garofalo, Judah Friedlander, Eugene Mirman, Grace Parra, and lots of other veterans and newer voices to keep you laughing. The first episode premieres on Seeso Sept. 22.


Macgyver trailer

Yeah, that MacGyver. The one from the ’80s. Sort of. CBS is rebooting the classic action series about a guy who creates weapons out of the most unexpected materials. Aided by his team/buddies Thornton and Dalton (in a twist on the testosterone-heavy original, Thornton is now a female character), Angus MacGyver brings the art of creating an assault rifle out of, say, a rubber band, a toilet paper roll, and a jar of pickles to a new generation. It might be hugely ridiculous, but it’s also a chance to relive your misspent youth via primetime TV. MacGyver premieres Sept. 23.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing trailer
CREDIT: SyFy/YouTube

Speaking of reviving old characters, SyFy’s Van Helsing puts a gender-swapped post-apocalyptic spin on vampire hunting. In a future where vampires have taken over the Earth, Vanessa Van Helsing is the only one who can save us. As the show’s official website says, “her unique blood composition gives her the ability to turn vampires human,” because why not. As a bonus, Van Helsing is directed by Neil LaBute, whose resume includes the disastrous remake of The Wicker Man. So, there’s always the possibility of Nicolas Cage turning up to shout “HOW’D IT GET BURNED?!” or “NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!” We live in hope. The vampire hunting begins Sept. 23.

Channel Zero

Channel Zero
CREDIT: SyFy/YouTube

Another SyFy production, this time going straight into horror. Channel Zero is an anthology horror series in the vein of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, but instead of tackling social issues through the fantastical and terrifying, it goes straight to the weirder parts of the internet for inspiration. Its debut story, the six-part Channel Zero: Candle Cove, is based on the viral horror story “Candle Cove” about a nostalgic look back at a kids’ show that turns dark and disturbing. Watch this with the lights on (unless you’re brave) and get ready to be seriously creeped out. Channel Zero premieres Sept. 27.

With shows like these, staying indoors has never sounded so exciting. But if, like me, you’re wondering when you’ll find time to watch it all, don’t worry; you can always catch up via on-demand viewing. Hopefully you’ll get through everything just in time for next year’s fall TV.