You Might Want To Rethink Go Topless Day Since It Was Founded By A Male Cult Leader

Thanks to modern marketing, every day is an official “day” — National Ice Cream Day, National Dog Day, the very official Margarita Day sponsored by tequila brands. They’re usually harmless and simply a good excuse to scroll through Instagram and hate yourself for thinking about hashtagging a picture of the office donuts on #NationalDonutDay. Some of the days sound fun. Like, every Aug. 28, it’s “Go Topless Day.” That seems like it could be a feminist, Free The Nipple sort of thing, but before you praise Sunday’s activities or go to take a flattering selfie on the holiday next year, know that Go Topless Day was created by a creepy man. Cult creepy, to be exact.

I love the idea of protesting nudity laws and celebrating women’s equality (Women’s Equality Day was Friday, by the way), but this is a clever fucking ruse that no woman should put up with. It’s about a man wanting to see boobs — nothing more, nothing less. Like other “national” days, Go Topless Day is sponsored by an organization, in this case Go Topless. The Go Topless organization was created in 2007 by a cult leader. To be fair, Rael isn’t officially a cult leader, but he claims to be a spiritual guide. He has a movement called Raelism, and he thinks he has spoken to aliens IRL and now wants to share the good news with a bunch of suckers.

This guy is a freak. Rael is a 69-year-old French guy who used to edit magazines and claims aliens descended and spoke to him in 1973. He’s now a weirdo who accepts donations and is trying to create various “embassies” around the world to bring the good news to everyone who will pay him money or take off their shirt.

Rael also founded “Clitoraid,” an organization that purports to help women who are victims of genital mutilation in the west African country Burkina Faso. But it’s not about support or health, it’s about making sure the female victims can have orgasms again, which is a just cause, but further proves this man’s obsession with women’s bodies.

The lunatic has raised enough money to essentially mansplain genital mutilation to an entire community of victims. Maybe he really wants to help women, but I think not. The Raelism website has a special FAQ section where he has to explain that he doesn’t accept pedophiles into his community (can we just say cult?), which just seems like a very fucking sketchy thing to have to disclaim on the “About Us” page of a poorly designed website.

“As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests,” the Go Topless website reads.

Going topless is great, but don’t free the nipple just because this creep says you should.