Now Donald Trump Wants To “Track” Immigrants, Because A Wall Alone Won’t Do The Trick

Any hope that the Republican nominee for president isn’t totally batshit crazy is now officially gone. Doubling down on his immigration policy, Donald Trump wants to “track” immigrants who don’t have visas. Throughout last week, Trump was under media scrutiny about his immigration policy, and it seemed like he was ready to do the old flip-flop, check into reality, and say that building a wall or deporting millions of people just wasn’t feasible. But Trump doesn’t back down.

At a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa Saturday, he went all the way in although it would have been a good time for him to ease up on his insane views about immigration. The general election is close, the primaries are long gone, and cable news was almost spoon feeding the policy change to him.

Trump wasn’t having any of it. He said Saturday, “I am going to build a great border wall, institute nationwide e-verify, stop illegal immigrants from accessing welfare and entitlements, and develop an exit-entry tracking system to ensure those who overstay their visas are quickly removed.” Trump wants to “develop” a tracking system, and won’t just admit the wall is a stupid, racist idea or acknowledge that there are families at stake when it comes to deportation. That is some scary shit.

This man is serious. He is actually promising to build a wall across the Mexican border, which should have just been a bad joke. You can’t just build a wall. I mean, technically you can, but walls don’t work. They never have — ever. A wall is not an immigration policy. A wall is not realistic, even if you do run the numbers. It’s just a stupid idea. Even if you are racist and xenophobic, the wall is not the way to stop immigration. Especially since immigrants aren’t all coming from Mexico.

Trump has no idea what’s going on the real world.

Likewise, his plan to track people is also bullshit. Again, even if you are racist and xenophobic and want to track immigrants, Trump has no real plan about how to do that exactly. He did say he wouldn’t deport all of the 11 million people in America living without documents, just the “criminals.” No specifics. Even Reince Preibus, the head of the Republican National Committee, has no idea what Trump is talking about.

Hopefully Trump is sabotaging himself on purpose. Maybe he joked about running for president at a dinner party, lost a bet, ran with it, and now it’s all gone too far. Trump himself has joked about trying to win the election just for the sake of winning, so it is plausible.

Maybe even he doesn’t want the wall, but that’s not a risk the country should take. This is not a drill. Two months before the election, when he had the opportunity to talk his way out of his stupid plan, he dug a deeper hole by saying he wants to track immigrants on top of building a wall. I would say everyone should stop listening to him, but Trump is a problem we can no longer ignore.