Kerry Washington’s Horror Sketch About Group Texts Serves As A Hilarious PSA

Group texts are the bane of everyone’s existence, including superstar celebrities. On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, actress Kerry Washington debuted a horror film about group texts that just won’t stop bugging the hell out of her. Before the clip debuted, Kimmel noted how awesome Washington was as Olivia Pope on Scandal, as well as her Emmy nominated-role as Anita Hill in the HBO drama Confirmation. But, Kimmel thought her latest role in the horror film Group Text would be the one to win her an Oscar.

Of course, the film preview was just a comical skit, but the constant buzzing of her phone was all too real for anyone who has been plagued by a never-ending group conversation. In the clip, Washington is sitting on the couch in her comfy pajamas and enjoying a night in when she gets a text invite to go out with a few friends. She replies and says, “Can’t tonight sorry!,” but it’s only the beginning of her cell phone woes.

Washington, who is pregnant in real life, turns her phone off and goes back to watching TV. However, she is horrified when her phone continues to buzz. The group texting continues as she runs to the bathroom and flushes the phone down the toilet. Personally, I want to throw my phone out of the window when I get caught in a group text, but it’s Washington’s horror film, and she can do whatever she wants because she’s incredible.

The clip continues to become increasingly hilarious as the phone reappears in her bedroom, still buzzing and chiming with unwanted texts, and Kerry begins to shoot at it with a gun. But, even taking a gun to her phone won’t stop the madness. The phone comes back to life as a Devil emoji and the skit ends with Kerry screaming in terror as the film’s tagline, “Group Text: You’ll Never Get Off,” appears on screen.

Group Text may not be a real film, but it’s a good reminder of why group texting is usually a terrible idea.

Yes, it’s easier to share information with everyone, but it can quickly get out of hand when a serial texter or late replier is added to the conversation. No one wants to get 458,620 texts about a subject they already gave a three-word reply to hours ago. Not to mention, when the group chat finally dies, a late texter can bring life back into a conversation that most of the group doesn’t care about anymore.

The moral of this story is don’t do group texts.