Drones Could Deliver Domino’s Pizzas Directly To Your Door Very Soon

Do you appreciate when your food makes a grand entrance? If so, you may be excited about Domino’s latest technology for delivering pizza. The chain restaurant might not be able to make pizza producing clouds, but Domino’s has started doing pizza delivery via drones because the company wants the world to know it is super tech savvy. The pizza maker revealed its drone delivery aspirations last week with a demo in New Zealand and announced a plan to team up with Flirtey, a drone tech company, to begin the new service. Domino’s international division plans to make the on-demand service available for New Zealanders later this year.

U.S. customers who want a drone-delivered pizza may not have to wait too long. A recent press release from Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeny complimented New Zealand on its “forward-thinking aviation regulations” and noted that the United States’ new drone regulations (which take effect Aug. 29) will help the company bring its drone delivery tech to the U.S. Pizza pies in the skies for everyone!

The Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations will allow businesses to operate drones without a pilot’s license. But, the drone delivery option may not be as incredible as it sounds. Drone operators must have their drones within sight so they can operate them properly, which limits the delivery radius for a business. Limits aside, it’s still an exciting venture for Domino’s, and it will be interesting to see how drone technology is used in delivery service in the near future.

There are a couple of pros and cons with this type of technology. Drones don’t have to sit in traffic nor do they need to be paid for their work, so deliveries will become faster and cheaper for consumers.

But, as drone deliveries become more commonplace, the days of pizza delivery drivers will come to an end and make the job obsolete. Yes, there are other jobs that pizza delivery employees can do, but it’s sad to see a classic gig fade away. While I am intrigued about my pizza being lowered to me from a tether, I don’t mind a human being delivering my pizza. I suppose I am an old-school girl at heart.

The drone delivery service isn’t the first time Domino’s has used New Zealand as a testing ground for new technology. Earlier this year, Domino’s revealed plans to test its self-driving delivery robots in Wellington. The bots are able to delivery up to 10 pizzas in a 20-mile radius. Customers are able to unlock the pizza compartment with a special code given to them when they order. That service is also expected to have an eventual launch in New Zealand, so it looks like the country is the chosen spot for innovative pizza delivery.

The future is upon us people, so get ready for the pizza revolution.