Tim Kaine Is Fine Being America’s Dad, And These 7 Times He Was Peak Dad Prove It

On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert called Senator Tim Kaine “America’s Stepdad,” and the Democratic vice presidential nominee doesn’t seem to mind at all. He told Colbert he’s been preparing to be mocked for his “dad-ness” for the past 26 years — this three kids apparently bust him all the time for being a geek. But America didn’t have to grow up with Kaine to know he’s a nerd and a half, and there are plenty of times Tim Kaine was peak dad throughout his career that might give a little insight into what America has to look forward to.


Dorky, corny guys are apparently all the rage for Democratic vice presidents. I mean, no one will ever beat Joe Biden in being so totally Joe Biden. Biden says things like “malarky” and gives a thumbs up to Congress members and press while President Obama gives the State of the Union. Biden double fists ice cream cones and breaks into tears when talking about his family and the hardships they’ve endured. Biden will always be America’s dad.

But Kaine is for sure the well-intentioned stepdad in jeans and white sneakers coming to pick you up from soccer practice. He’s cheesy and goofy and even has weird hobbies. There are lots of times Kaine has proven his dad status.

When He Was The Best Darned Cheerleader There Ever Was

At the Democratic National Convention, Kaine was stoked. There’s something about a grown white dude raising the roof that screams, “I have children and no longer care.”

The Man Plays The Harmonica

There are now many videos circulating the internet of Kaine playing the harmonica. I like this one for the khakis and generally disheveled look. Also, according to Kaine and his ex-body man, Beau Cribbs, the senator carries a handful of harmonicas in his briefcase at all times. Seriously.

He Seems Generally Surprised When His Wife Speaks

On the Today show, Kaine’s wife, Anna Holton, was joking about how she would never be a politician, and he was hooked on every word. Check that eyebrow raise.

He Insists On Making It Awkward

OK, Kaine’s Spanish is actually pretty good, but when he calls Hillary Clinton his soulmate in the language of love — gross. He meant that their policies and goals for the country were very similar and they were a presidential ticket made in the stars, but that doesn’t mean he had to say it.

He Takes His Wife Clog Dancing

You need to see this to believe it. There’s Holton, far right, clog dancing. Around the 0:28 mark, Kaine is fervently clapping and cheering his wife on because, he tells a reporter, he can’t dance.

He Likes Dr. Pepper

Cribbs also told Politco Kaine is Dr. Pepper man, drinking two to three a day. He even has one at this office lunch, where everyone else has plastic cups and pathetic looking sammies. Kaine is happy as can be with a cold can of Dr. Pepper surrounded by all these young kids, who look downright miserable.

He’s The Baseball Trivia King

According to everyone who knows him, Kaine knows odd baseball trivia. Because he is America’s number one dad. I bet he listens to the games on AM radio, too.

There are worse things than being a huge freaking dork and unashamed to get into a little clog dancing. I mean, he could be Donald Trump.