The FBI Is Investigating The Leslie Jones Hack, Hopefully Finding The Assholes Responsible

Launching an FBI investigation into a celebrity phone hack might sound frivolous to some people. But the FBI investigating Leslie Jones’ hack is a sign that the influx of attacks against the star are coming from a really dangerous, racist place. It’s a hate crime, and I’m glad someone is taking it seriously.

According to TMZ, agents are starting slow and digging into who the hell could be behind the hack. It was a huge hack: they gained access to the 48 year old’s iCloud storage and posted the pictures they found there — some of them nudes — and her personal information, like her social security number and shit. They posted all of them on Jones’ own website along with an image of a gorilla, in one of the most racist moves I’ve seen since, well, since the last time hackers started sending gorilla pictures to her on Twitter.

It’s unclear if the investigation will be carried out on the East or West Coast since Jones lives in both New York and L.A. Let’s hope they come up with something, because I would like nothing more than to see the disgusting people who do this kind of crap on the internet go to jail. Don’t people have jobs? I mean, harassing someone the way they’ve been harassing Jones is like a full-time job.

Last time someone investigated the racist attacks against her, Twitter found Milo’s Yiannopoulos to be at fault for organizing a bunch of trolls to take on Jones. Because he hates women, or black people, or both, or was just really annoyed that they made Ghostbusters. No one will ever know.

But on Wednesday, Yiannopoulos’ supporters were already stating that if he had not been banned from Twitter, the hack never would have happened, supposedly because his fans wouldn’t be so pissed off. Which is sort of gross — if Yiannopoulos isn’t a huge jerk, he should tell his little evil fans to knock it off already. Instead, Yiannopoulos recently wrote a piece for Breitbart (the worst place on the internet) saying that trolls serve a purpose in society. He wrote:

“A real troll, of course, does aim to provoke. They do aim to cause mild rage. They aim to prank, to goad, to wind people up. Their opinions are designed to be outrageous. And in a society of grievance, monitored by a media governed by outrage, they are enjoying something of a heyday….For years, trolls and feminists enjoyed a kind of symbiotic relationship – the former triggering the latter, who would then collect Patreon donations and hand-wringing newspaper columns from sympathetic liberals.”

The only purpose trolls really serve is to show other people how nasty human beings can get, so as to better protect themselves from that kind of filth. I really hope the FBI finds someone responsible for this heinous hack. You can’t assault someone over and over again and get away with it.