Leslie Jones Was Hacked, And The Attacks On Her Are Seriously Out Of Control

Leslie Jones cannot catch a fucking break. Alright, she got a free trip to Rio to comment on the Olympics because she rules at tweeting, starred in Ghostbusters, and continues to slay on Saturday Night Live. But she’s taken a lot of fucking hits recently, too. Just this week, Jones’ phone and website were hacked. First someone hacked her phone and grabbed personal information and photos, including naked pics. Then, the twerp hacked her website and uploaded the stolen images of her, along with photos of her with other celebs, and put an image of a gorilla up top, which I can barely say without getting chills and wanting to be sick.

Jones’ people quickly took down her site, according to TMZ, but the hack was just straight up evil in every way. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Phone hacks are common among celebs, and it only serves to drive home the point that once you send a naked selfie, you need to go into your iCloud and delete it there too. For mere mortals, there’s not a lot of worry that everyone in the fucking world will see you trying to entice someone (which is always kind of embarrassing), but stars have a lot of people interested in their naked photos. Still, there’s a little difference between the hacking of Jennifer Lawrence or another white woman’s account and that of Leslie Jones’. The attacks on Jones are malicious, sexist, and racist.

Brendesha Tynes, a professor of education and psychology at the University of Southern California told The New York Times the focus on Jones shows a “serious” anti-black woman problem. Tynes also added, “I have to say, as a human being, it’s heartbreaking. As a researcher, I haven’t seen in the adolescents I study anything this heinous.”

Earlier this summer, Jones was being harassed so much on Twitter by racist assholes that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had his team investigate (something Twitter never does, unfortunately) and suspended Milo Yiannopoulos for organizing the attack.

Jones is an amazing woman and her public persona is tough and funny and fierce as hell. But that doesn’t mean a person should have to take this kind of shit. Online harassment like this — it doesn’t matter how mentally stable you are — can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s actually an attack, an assault on her personhood.

The sad thing is, there is no fucking legal recourse on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, hacking into someone’s phone is totally illegal, but harassing someone online usually isn’t. No one, not even a badass celeb who puts herself out there, should have to deal with any of it.