What Is Twitter’s New Night Mode? DMing After Dark Is Now Easier Than Ever

Late-night Twitter can seem like a good way to wind down before bed, but a lot of the time it just leaves you feeling more awake. The Twitter app’s new Night Mode feature aims to change that. Night Mode simply turns down the brightness of the Twitter app’s normal color scheme to create an interface that’s easier on your eyes.

The Night Mode feature has been available on Android phones since July, in what is an unusual instance of Android users getting a feature first (not that I’m bitter), and is now available for phones using iOS. DMing after dark has never been easier. I mean, no one’s proud of it, but sometimes you just feel like DMing some hotties after midnight. The late-night thirst can be real.

Activating Night Mode is pretty easy, as set out in this short guide from Twitter Support. Just find and tap the gear icon at the top of your profile, then select “Activate Night Mode.” You should then be treated to an interface in muted grays, blues, and blacks instead of Twitter’s usual bright white and blue color scheme, which can be more difficult for your eyes to process in dim light. To turn it off, follow the same initial steps but deselect “Activate Night Mode,” and your interface should be back to normal.

Smartphone at night 2
CREDIT: Credit: Artur Debat/Getty Images

Although Night Mode may be helpful in reducing eye strain and improving user-friendliness, switching it on to browse Twitter’s various convos, beefs, and memes for an hour isn’t exactly a clear route to a good night’s sleep. Studies show that exposure to blue light (the kind that comes from electronic devices with screens, like your phone or your tablet) can throw your natural sleeping rhythms way off kilter, regardless of whether or not you’ve got Night Mode activated on your device. Plus, if you click on links to external websites or visit other social media platforms such as Facebook, these won’t come with their own night-friendly viewing modifications, so you’ll kind of be back to square one.

If you really want to find a way of using Twitter that will get your sleeping patterns on track, you’ll probably have to step away from your phone entirely for a good amount of time before going to bed. And no cheating by picking up your tablet, either. However, if you’re just looking to give your eyes a bit of a break while you scroll through your feed in bed, then Night Mode might be what you need.

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