Evanescence’s Upcoming Fall Tour Will Wake You Up Inside

Attention former angsty teens of the 2000s: Evanescence is going on a 16-city tour this fall, so get your fishnet gloves and corset tops ready. The tour kicks off Oct. 28 and runs until Nov. 23, moving around the southeast U.S. and then up the East Coast. Tickets go on sale Aug. 26, and I know you’re pumped.

This is the band’s first full-length tour with its new lineup; in 2015, guitarist Jen Majura joined Team Evanescence following the departure of original guitarist Terry Balsamo. While they did play a handful of shows that year with Majura in America and Japan, these were more like one-offs than a full tour. It’s also Evanescence’s first tour since frontwoman Amy Lee began working on her solo album, Dream Too Much, a collection of songs for children inspired by her 2-year-old son.

Does this tour announcement mean a new Evanescence album is coming? Hard to say. The only thing Lee’s commented on so far is her eagerness to get back to touring. As she told Rolling Stone, “Just when you thought I was off the hard stuff! It’s going to feel amazing to step back onstage with the band this fall.” The “hard stuff” she’s referring to here is presumably her usual music, as opposed to her children’s album. Let’s be real — an artist like Lee cannot live on kids’ songs alone.

But there’s a bigger question beyond whether Evanescence is putting out a new album: how has a goth-lite group from the 2000s managed to stay in the public consciousness so long? (Besides Lee’s freaking sweet outfits and the band’s ability to capture the deep shadowy darkness in our souls, obvs.)

The secret is their 2003 hit Bring Me To Life. Or more specifically, the memes that can be made from the super-catchy lyrics from Bring Me To Life. Even in 2016, if you say “wake me up inside” to a random stranger, they are basically 100 percent guaranteed to shout back “I CAN’T WAKE UP!” If you apply that effect to the internet, you get something magical.

Seriously, it’s inescapable. Even Ted Cruz can’t help feeling the power of Evanescence.

To be honest, I think it’s a little late for Cruz to be saved from himself, but you get the idea.

If you’re one of the lucky fans living in the vicinity of Evanescence’s tour, I hope this chance to revisit your youth — this time with an income and without all the high school BS — brings you to life (sorry, I had to). For the rest of us, there’s the hope of future tours and the knowledge that Evanescence is reconnecting us to the joy of angst, one meme-able lyric at a time.

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