Two Women Live-Tweeted Their Abortion Travels From Ireland To England, Because The Quest Is Real

When we talk about the closing of Planned Parenthoods or other abortion clinics in certain shitty states, what we’re really talking about is forcing women to travel, sometimes really far, to get an abortion if they need or want one. It doesn’t just happen in Texas either. Two Irish women tweeted their abortion trip to England in protest of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny not repealing the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution, which bans abortion and says a fetus has the same rights as the woman carrying it.

It ultimately forces women to travel abroad. Even the United Nations Human Rights Committee called the ban “inhumane,” since it makes a woman cross an ocean to take care of her body. The ban makes exceptions when the woman’s life is at risk but not in cases of rape, incest, or fatal fetal abnormality. The U.N. ruling is based on Amanda Mellet, who was denied an abortion even though her fetus had congenital defects that would cause it to die in her womb or shortly after birth.

So, you can know your fetus will likely die in your womb, but if you can’t afford a plane ticket, there’s no medical treatment you can seek. It’s terrible. Irish doctors can give information and shit, but nothing else. Because of this, two anonymous women took to Twitter to document their travels for an abortion. Each tweet takes a dig at Prime Minister Kenny, asking her directly to wake the fuck up and repeal the amendment already.

The women kept everything anonymous, but, according to The Guardian, were “well over 18.” They also didn’t speak to the circumstances surrounding their pregnancies, but both successfully got abortions over the weekend, according to the live Twitter feed. They also met other Irish women in the waiting room at the clinic.

Others on Twitter immediately started sharing their solidarity, stories, and support. Prime Minister Kenny, though, has been pretty fucking silent.

There are thousands of women every year who travel to England to terminate pregnancies. The trip is not just uncomfortable and painful, but also expensive. England’s National Health Service doesn’t provide care for Irish people, so the costs are out of pocket. When you addd up hotels, flights, and medical costs, it’s a real fucking shitshow.

Some, of course, simply can’t afford it, so they try to get illegal abortion pills, or worse. Like a Belfast woman who couldn’t afford the trip and tried to induce abortion with poison. She was given a three-month sentence. At the time, her lawyer said she was 19 years old and living with roommates she didn’t know and felt lonely and “isolated.” And then they gave her a prison sentence.

Real fucking nice, Ireland. Get your act together.