This Woman Celebrated Her 100th Birthday By Beating Her Grandkids At Beer Pong

When I imagine “aging goals” I usually envision an older version of myself peacefully reading on a hammock in a lush garden I have built for myself (future me has cultivated healthier habits and built a strong spiritual center and career). While the peaceful garden remains on my to-do list, the 100-year-old grandma who beat her grandkids in beer pong has placed herself as my newest aging goal. While celebrating her 100th birthday with her family in Illinois (as badass centenarians do), this take-no-shit granny was recorded by her grandkids as she proceeded to not only hold her own at beer pong, but out-throw and outdrink the stammering 20-somethings.

This either speaks to a youth full of raucous boozy hedonism or the woman’s well-honed throwing abilities. Of course, this is not to discount the possibility that she’s been secretly slaying beer pong all this time. As you can imagine, when her grandson, Trevor Pope, uploaded the video to Facebook, it immediately went viral as the public gawked in awe at her gusto.

Hell, I wouldn’t dare challenge her in beer pong. The last time I played, it ended with participants clamoring in the kitchen for spare half-drunk bottles of cider. Her execution of the game is much classier and focused, although we don’t know how rowdy she gets when the camera’s no longer rolling.

With the drunk and loving support of her family, it’s presumed she will be equipped with sufficient cups and beers to practice and improve upon her game before her 101st birthday. After all, if you’ve been killing it this long, why stop now?

My grandma is 100 years old, what a champ!” wrote Pope, the sneaky-but-loving one who decided to upload her exploits in the first place, on Facebook. “She’s still crushing beer pong!”

This is truly the forever party girl stuff of Golden Girls, and just as the women of Golden Girls hilariously reminded the world, this grandma is not alone in her badassery.

There are grandmas with YouTube stations dedicated to trying different weed, there are grandmas down to get buzzed off Fireball (in front of strangers no less), there is the Instragram/internet sensation Baddie Winkle, and many more grandmas ready to party harder than all us young squares.

So, next time you hear a 35 year old complain about getting older, be sure to smack them upside the head and remind them there are 100-year-old women out there killing it at beer pong.