There Will Now Be A Philando Castile Scholarship At The High School He Loved

When the 32-year-old father, mentor, and friend of many, Philando Castile, was tragically killed by the police, the nation was left heartbroken and angry, but most effected was the community of loved ones he left behind in Minnesota. In a move to honor his legacy of kindness and commitment to education, a Philando Castile scholarship is being funded by the fellow alumni of his beloved high school.

A fundraiser will be held on Sunday by the St. Paul Central High School Foundation where they will raise money for the scholarship. The event is already estimating 1,000 attendees (the Castile family has signed off on all of this), and the purpose of the scholarship is to support financially underprivileged students hoping to pursue childhood development or education.

One of the alumni involved in organizing the fundraiser, Adrian Perry, shared the vision of the scholarship with the Star Tribune, saying: “Castile worked at a school, didn’t have his education license, but he definitely affected children, so we’d like [the scholarship recipient] to work on what he was: helping students.”

This seems like a spot-on dedication to Castile, given the fact that he served lunch to hundreds of kids at his job and is remembered as a schoolwide favorite. Hopefully the generosity of his legacy can bring about some small measure of healing to his loved ones.

The hope is that the fundraiser is packed with people and they’re able to exceed their funding goals and help future generations with their education goals. If the immediate success of the Philando Castile Family Support Fund provides any foreshadowing, St. Paul will be well supported.

One of Castile’s co-workers told the Star Tribune of his kind nature:

“He smiled at everybody who came in the building. I remember him saying, ‘I just want everybody here to be happy.’ He wanted the cafeteria to be a happy place. It was a huge goal, and not an easy one, and he did it.”

There are no amount of dollars that can bring him back to life, and no amount of fundraisers that will undo the brutality inflicted by the police. But in the very least, creating an empowering fund as his namesake could help fuel the fires of the next generation as students move toward their goals. It seems that connecting with youth was big on Castile’s heart, so hopefully this fund will not only connect the youth to each other, but closer to their educational goals.