The Clintons Made A Big Announcement About What Will Happen To The Clinton Foundation If Hillary’s Elected

The Clinton family’s nonprofit has been under heavy scrutiny since Hillary began running for president, and the Clintons made an announcement about what the future of the Clinton Foundation holds if she makes it to the White House. Bill told the company’s staff Thursday that he’ll resign from the board and the foundation will no longer accept corporate or foreign money if his wife becomes president. The move was meant to quiet suspicions about foreign donors during Hillary’s time as secretary of state and make it clear that the same questionable dealings won’t go down the next time she’s in public office.

Emails of Hillary’s made public recently because of the continuous investigation into her private email server scandal revealed big donors to the foundation had access to the secretary of state’s aides. One email showed Doug Band, a Clinton Foundation employee, asking Clinton aides to give someone else in the State Department a job, saying “important to take care of” the unnamed person.

Because foreigners and nations can’t donate to American politicians’ campaigns, the foundation’s donations seemed to some like a loophole for foreign nations to support Hillary. Trump has, of course, used the connection between the nonprofit and the government officials to bash Hillary for being corrupt. Since Hillary’s been fighting the same untrustworthy battle for months now, she tried to get on top of the situation by assuring people the foundation’s donors wouldn’t have any ties to foreign relations or her if she’s elected.

Hillary Clinton Meets With Law Enforcement Leaders In New York City
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Voters were wondering what would come of the Clinton Foundation if the family was in the White House again, and Thursday’s announcement made it clear that the nonprofit won’t shut down. Bill stepping down from the board wasn’t a big shock, just because the first family doesn’t really have time to do anything outside of its Washington duties. No one really knows what his role will be since he’ll be the First Dude, and even Hillary said in an early primary debate that he won’t be picking out china, but he’ll surely have a full schedule helping Hillary or schmoozing with politicians. And as a board member, Bill currently has a say over what goes on within the company, but isn’t running its day-to-day operations, so his departure won’t change much.

Bill also announced that the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual meeting of foundation donors and global leaders, will end this year regardless of the election results. The final event will be in New York next month.