Was ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Cancelled? The Comedian’s Tweets About Kurt Metzger Got Confusing

Over the past few days, Amy Schumer got sucked into Kurt Metzger’s controversial comments about recent rape allegations within the New York comedy scene. Metzger was a writer on her Comedy Central show, and after saying she “couldn’t be more against his recent actions,” Schumer tweeted: “I didn’t fire Kurt. He isn’t a writer for my show because we aren’t making the show anymore. There are no writers for it.” Obviously, fans were confused, wondering: was Inside Amy Schumer cancelled?

If you aren’t caught up on the Metzger fiasco, here’s the lowdown. The well-known comedy troupe and theater Upright Citizens Brigade banned a male comedian after multiple women accused him of rape, and Metzger took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the situation (although, to be clear, no one asked for his opinion). His post basically perpetuated the myth that women lie about being raped all the time by explaining in great detail and bad jokes that the women accusing the ousted comedian shouldn’t be trusted because they never went to the cops about their alleged assaults.

Because of his connection to her show, people immediately started asking Schumer what she thought of his comments, and her decision to block women on Twitter questioning her initial silence on Metzger sent a message very contradictory to the feminist stance of Inside Amy Schumer.

Well, eventually she started tweeting that she didn’t agree with Metzger’s post and clarified that he was no longer a writer on her show. But, her show wasn’t actually cancelled — it’s just on hiatus while she’s on tour and focuses on writing. According to her Twitter, there will be a fifth season, it just hasn’t been scheduled yet, so there’s no telling when it will air.

Although she did come out and say she was “saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger,” claiming he’s no longer a writer on her show because it’s not in production right now was an easy out. She didn’t clarify whether or not he would be brought back whenever the next season is made, which left a little doubt about how strongly she disagreed with his actions. If she truly wanted to take a stand, she would have said Metzger is not currently working on the show and won’t be in the future either.

For now, at least it’s clear that Inside Amy Schumer is not over and will continue to make us laugh so hard we do real-life spit takes with our wine.