How To Listen To Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ Album That Just Dropped

Thursday night, Frank Ocean released new music, not from his long-awaited album Boy Don’t Cry, but another album entirely. Everyone’s patiently (and not-so-patiently) waited for his new tunes for way too long, so you should probably check it out ASAP. Here’s how to listen to Endless.

Ocean’s 18-track visual album was released exclusively on Apple Music. Ocean initially streamed the new album on his website rather than releasing the songs for people to listen to on their own, which was a bold move reminiscent of Beyonce’s Lemonade album drop. The video, that appeared like a livestream but wasn’t actually, showed Ocean building in the warehouse seen in images teasing a album not long ago. His new music was playing in the background as he worked with his hands in the looped video by Francisco Soriano.

Just the day before, Lil B confirmed in an interview with Dazed that the Boys Don’t Cry album was indeed real, as people were starting to doubt it even existed. “He called me to come out and do some stuff for his album, Boys Don’t Cry, that’s coming out,” Lil B told Dazed. “Frank is amazing. He’s a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. He’s a very strong man, a very strong person. Anything that I can do to help him, I will.”

“Let’s see what Frank releases. Frank has the material,” Lil B said, clearly knowing Ocean wouldn’t drop that album first. Fans are glad to get a taste of his new music, but just want to know what the deal with Boys Don’t Cry is. Will we ever get to hear it?

Luckily there are 18 new songs to keep people occupied until Boys Don’t Cry is released (if that day ever comes). Once again, Ocean proved how unpredictable he is when it comes to releasing his music. But then again, he sure knows how to get everyone’s attention.