How Is The iPhone 7 Different Than The iPhone 6? The New Model Will Be Out Soon

It’s hard to believe there are only seven iterations of the iPhone because it feels so long ago since the OG release. According to overexcited watchdogs, the iPhone 7 is probably going to be released in mid-September and Apple fanatics are foaming at the mouth to get their hands on it. But how is the iPhone 7 different from the iPhone 6? Is it really worth getting all crazy over?

The iPhone 7 looks a lot like the iPhone 6, but apparently will come in an extra color — the Space Black shade that Apple Watch uses. Other upgrades and tweaks are a little more hardcore. Like, apparently there is no headphone jack on the new phone. Instead, you’re going to use the Lightning headphones to listen to music on your new phone. This is sort of cool, because getting rid of the headphone jack allows Apple to make the phone completely waterproof. What sucks is that now you’re going to have to get Lightning headphones, which will really be the future.

The camera on the iPhone 7 is pretty similar to that of the 6, which has a more powerful rear camera than any other generation of the phone. There is also a new home button that “responds to pressure with a vibrating sensation rather than a true physical click.” That sort of sounds like a bad vibrator product description.

Reportedly, the storage options are changing, too. Which is amazing because I am so fucking sick of my camera stalling, even though I pay extra for more space. The cheapest storage plan is now a standard 32GB, but if you’re fucking classy, you can get up to 256GB of storage. So maybe you can have all your pics and music and other BS in one place again, finally.

There are going to be other software updates, too, and the iPhone 7 will use iOS 10, which is supposed to be the best operating system yet. Then again, everything Apple does it supposed to be the best ever. So, basically, cue the the awful back and forth about whether it’s worth upgrading or not and the debates about not having a headphone jack (this Bluetooth headphones feature terrifies me).

Then again, every Apple upgrade is awesome and sometimes stupid all at the same time. There are some tech-watchers that say it might be better to hold off for the iPhone 8, which is already in the works and will no doubt have bigger and better upgrades.

Apple fans are already cranky, since the release date was supposed to be Sept. 7 but has been pushed back to Sept. 23, just in time for back to school feuds about whose phone is better. Tim Cook hasn’t even announced the launch event though. Hurry up, Apple, it’s been too long.