The JonBenét Ramsey Docuseries Is The Next Crime Show To Obsess Over

If you’ve found yourself desperately searching the entrails of Netflix and Hulu for a show just dark enough, real enough, and suspenseful enough to merit your next binge session, then you are in luck. The first official trailer for the JonBenét Ramsey series has been released, and it looks like CBS will be producing this haunting docuseries with a thorough and steady hand.

For those uninitiated with the story, this CBS series will be cracking open the cold case of the 6-year-old girl who was tragically discovered dead in the basement of her Colorado home in December 1996. Her body was discovered by her father just eight hours after she was reported missing. Due to the location of the death and her family’s creepy history of entering her in child beauty pageants, her parents were immediately added to the list of suspects. However, the semi-recent arrest of a former suspect charged with child porn may prove the parents’ innocence. Will CBS be able to reveal the truth? That is the hope.

As CBS revisits the death that occurred nearly 20 years ago, the series will rely on interviews and expertise from the original investigators who worked on the case, while also bringing in new experts to lend fresh eyes and theories. Some of the investigators working on the case include former FBI special agent Jim Clement, prominent forensic pathologist Dr. James Spitz, and world renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee.

The full revamping of the case (which will hopefully turn up new or previously overlooked evidence) will even go so far as to reconstruct a full-scale model of the crime scene, as well as prominent rooms in the Ramsey house. In what is an impressive amount of rallying on the part of CBS, there will even be interviews with the original suspects and the 911 operator who first took the call about Ramsey’s death.

Luckily, for those of us already impatient to dive into the evidence and theories surrounding the child beauty queen’s horrific death, The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey is slated to premiere Sept. 18.As investigator Clemente clearly says in the trailer, “We hope to get the truth out about how she died. She hasn’t gotten justice yet.” There is little doubt that this series will achieve widespread viewership given the immediate popularity of real crime shows such as Making A Murderer and the radio drama Serial recently.

Of course, the pressing questions at hand are: will we actually unearth new or confirmed evidence about who murdered Ramsey? If this series comes to a firm conclusion about her death, will the public accept it or continue the endless theorizing? And naturally, is there any way to be invested in this investigation without feeling completely voyeuristic given the sexualized nature of the young victim’s death?

We will have to hold those questions until Sept. 18, when CBS inevitably sucks us into the real-crime vortex of investigators, suspects, and a score of tension-building music.