Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Writing Music For A Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid’ Movie

The world of Disney has been busy creating a live-action reboot of everyone’s favorite childhood mermaid movieand now it’s been announced that Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing music for The Little Mermaid. This immediately elevates the production both in terms of quality and cultural hipness. The beat-boxing creator and former star of Hamilton will be collaborating on writing songs alongside the Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken, who is perhaps best known for the instant classics “Under The Sea” and “Part Of Your World.” So as you can imagine, the pairing of Miranda’s contemporary hip hop chops and Menken’s classic Disney hit sensibilities will make for an updated soundtrack that will surely have The Little Mermaid soundtrack freshly synced on people’s iPhones.

According to Variety, Miranda will not only be writing songs with Menken, but will be full-on producing the film reboot alongside Marc Platt, who has previously produced the witch-filled beloved Broadway show Wicked, so truly, Disney is pulling out all the big guns for this live-action mermaid magic.

While many of the details of creative delegation for The Little Mermaid reboot are still being determined, the studio has decided that Miranda will oversee the script writing process, but not be doing the actual writing himself (they are still in the process of choosing the screenwriter).

The inclusion of Miranda in the live remake of The Little Mermaid is only one small slice of Disney’s full-fledged crush on the Hamilton creator, as he’s also slated to act in the Mary Poppins reboot across from the lovely Emily Blunt, playing a new character, a street lamplighter named Jack. Miranda will undoubtedly embellish a remix of some of the 1964 classics.

Truly though, while Disney is a questionable company on many levels, their decision to obsess over Miranda will likely only bring musical goodness to the two new productions. What the world needs now more than ever is for “Kiss The Girl” to be updated and rewritten with danceable beats so people can unify through the levity of a (possibly racist) crab singing to a mermaid.

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So, when can viewers expect the aquatic big-screen rebirth of Ariel and the gang? The annals of IMDB reveal that it’s safe to expect an oceanic unveiling sometime in 2017, but the specifics are still unknown. In the meantime, our imaginations can go wild with the endless song possibilities about to be unleashed.

And for those who aren’t fans, I’m sorry, but you will probably be forced to hear the soundtrack in Macy’s for the rest of your life.