Anthony Weiner Can’t Stop Sexting And Could Screw Over His Wife’s Political Career Because Of It

Some people never learn from their mistakes — especially Anthony Weiner, who is still sexting women he finds on the internet. In the most predictable news ever, Weiner was baited on Twitter by a Republican college student who pretended to be a woman named “Nicki” while he was in Los Angeles filming an episode of Bill Maher’s Real Time. There are no dick pics or mirror selfies (thank our lucky stars), but the cheesy jokes and terrible attempts at flirting are almost worse than a NSFW picture. No one needs to be exposed to a bored, middle-aged white dude trying to get laid while actually being catfished. Worst of all, his stupidity could seriously hurt his wife’s career.

It’s bad enough that he keeps trying to cheat on his wife with various women he engages with online, but what makes me throw up a little in my mouth is that he keeps getting caught doing it. It seems like he’s not even trying to hide it at this point, despite the multiple scandals he’s been wrapped up in already.

According to The New York Post, Weiner refers to himself as a “mongoose” in the most recent publicized chat (I don’t get it either, guys) and jokes that “Nicki” hanging out in her hotel room in a towel and “strappy black heels” sounds like a “porn set up” he’d like to get involved in. Gross. I mean, even his sexual fantasies are boring AF. I can’t imagine his wife, Huma Abedin’s, face when she opened up The New York Post over the weekend. Who has time for this shit?

To balance out Weiner’s sloppy indiscretions, Abedin is one of the most talented women in politics today. Abedin has been Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s top aide and right hand woman since 1996, when she was still just a D.C. intern. Every time you find yourself judging Clinton’s wardrobe, PR mechanisms, emails, or anything to do with her campaign, know that it didn’t take a village to get Clinton where she is today. It took Huma. Which is why I feel sort of embarrassed for her, since her husband is just not that smart and tweeting random women about how horny he is. Come on, dude.

Weiner could seriously fuck things up for the Clinton campaign, just because he’s obviously not very smart. The optics of it all are terrible. When Weiner’s dick pics were released while he was making a run for New York City mayor in 2013, Abedin stood by him, but kept a poker face and chugged along with her career.

Hillary Clinton Huma Abedin Visit Jackson Diner In Queens, NY
CREDIT: Andrew Theodorakis /Getty Images

Let’s not even get into the odd The Good Wife-style similarities between both Clinton and Abedin and their husbands inability to keep their pants on. But that’s exactly what Clinton haters and cable news pundits will be talking about. Even if you don’t respect Clinton’s nomination or policies, she, along with Huma, are running a tightly wound campaign and dodging scandals left and right all the time. They don’t have time for their husbands’ silly sex scandals.

It wasn’t even a real woman Weiner was tweeting: it was a college kid baiting him. Like, at least vet the people you’re flirting with, man. The whole thing is so very minor league in comparison to the very major league game of politics that the two women are playing right now.

Forget the “infidelity” aspect of it (because who cares what they do to keep their marriage and family intact), Weiner’s sexting is just the very last thing the Clinton campaign needs right now. I can almost hear Trump cracking a joke about two women who can’t keep their husbands in line or something equally as terrible during the debates. Yuck.

That the hard work of two super driven women could be undone, or hindered in any way, by Weiner’s Twitter DMs is sort of appalling. And possible. Abedin should just stay very, very far away from her husband. Or at least take his phone away and tell him to be smarter until the election is over.