Amber Rose Needs Models and Artists For Her 2016 SlutWalk, So Get Your Ass To LA

Last year, certified bad bitch Amber Rose gave a huge middle finger to sexists everywhere when she started the Amber Rose SlutWalk — an event that challenges sexist beliefs that lead to victim blaming, street harassment, and other acts of violence against women. This year, Rose announced model auditions for the 2016 SlutWalk on Twitter and invited everyone to come out for the open call event. The promotional tweet featured a snapshot of Muva Rose looking perfect on a bicycle, including all of the needed info for interested followers, as well as email information for an associated marketing agency.

If you want to participate, unfortunately east coast and midwest hopefuls may find themselves a little disappointed by the details, since the tryouts are only in Los Angeles and are a one-day only deal Aug. 27 from 1-4:30 p.m. The Amber Rose SlutWalk itself will take place in LA on Oct. 1, which is only a few weeks after the auditions.

While men and women of all shapes, heights, and sizes have a fair shot at working with Rose, she made it clear that the models needed to have a “fierce walk” to participate in her SlutWalk. And if anyone knows a perfect strut, it’s certainly Rose.

The leader of the Rosebuds is not only looking for people to work the catwalk. She also took to Instagram to invite artists to submit their work for her upcoming event. She asked her followers to send over their art pieces focused on women’s empowerment, slut shaming, and other topics closely related to the theme of the SlutWalk, but interested artists have a limited time to craft their masterpieces for Muva if they want to make the Sept. 2 submission deadline. Vendor spaces were also recently opened so entrepreneurs will be able to sell products throughout the one-day event.

Rose’s push to provide opportunities for artists, models, and other creatives to express themselves, sell their crafts, and be a part of a movement which gives a voice to marginalized groups is certainly worthy of recognition. There may be people who don’t like some of the things she says and does, but at the end of the day, no one can deny her extensive efforts to encourage women to empower themselves economically, politically, and (of course) sexually.

Rose’s previous SlutWalk was deemed a success with hundreds of participants and included a fashion show, HIV testing, counseling, and celebrity supporters. Rose says this year will be even bigger and better, as bad bitches come together to declare their right for respect and space in this world.

All praise hands emojis to the queen.