A Lion Cub Tried to Eat a Small Child On Live TV And It Was Pretty Terrifying

It is hard to find a person who isn’t fascinated by animals. Millions of people tune in to watch Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” and crowd into zoos around the world to get a closer glimpse of infamous predators. But, a video of a toddler being attacked by a lion cub on a live TV recently popped up on the internet, reminding us that it’s probably not a good idea to get too close to wild animals. You know, because they are wild and unpredictable. The 2006 video clip that resurfaced — which came from the Mexican TV show Con Sello De Mujer — has the internet yelling a collective “Aww Hell Nah!” as the short segment quickly became dangerous.

The clip of the lion club attack shows a mom holding her young daughter on her lap as she sits beside the lion cub’s two handlers. While the woman handler chatted with the show’s host, the little girl was being a normal toddler, complete with squirming and noise. The lion cub seemed to be lying down and minding her own business until she heard a screeching noise from the little girl. The cub turned and focused on the child while the adults in the video tried to maintain their cool. The cub seemed ready to attack the toddler but the handler continued to give commands to calm the cub down. Because animals totally listen to humans when their natural instinct to kill kicks in, right?

Suddenly, shit hits the fan when the cub leaps up and get her paws around the child. As the animal opens its mouth to try to bite down, the two handlers work to wrestle it away to the other side of the stage.

Understandably, the mom and kid are both freaking out while the woman handler repeatedly states “tranquila” — a term that means relax. As the other handler works to escort the cub off-stage, the woman oddly grabbed the child out of the mother’s hands to calm her down.

After the attack, the handler seemed to be explaining that the lion cub was not dangerous and even allowed the other handler to bring the lion back on stage while she held the little girl. Ummm, OK. As a mom and a person who has watched countless hours of When Animals Attack, I would have never been on that stage in the first place. I will readily admit to being a full-fledged chicken when it comes to the possibility of getting close to animals that aren’t behind thick glass and huge fences.

But, if by some miracle I was in that situation, I wouldn’t want a person sitting even closer to the animal that just attacked my kid to try to take her away from me. Getting attacked by a lion is a pretty traumatic experience for anyone and even I, a grown woman, would want to sit on my mommy’s lap and cry for hours. I am sure the handler was trying to help, but the only help I would have wanted was for her to take the animal away from my child. The mother in the video seemed pretty nervous and managed to quickly calm down, so she gets points there because I would have had zero chill.

Since the video is 10 years old, it would be interesting to see where the mom and her daughter are now and what they think about the encounter. Until then, check out the scary throwback clip of the attack:

The moral of this story is that toddlers and lion cubs don’t mix.