The DOJ Found Major Problems With Baltimore’s Sexual Assault Investigations

The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) report on the state of the Baltimore police department dug up a lot of bullshit, like how racist the department can be and how routinely officers take advantage of their power, with the evidence to back up the claims. If that already doesn’t make you want to throw up in your mouth, the sections of the DOJ report on Baltimore’s police department and sexual assault will definitely do it. The report says the department’s Sexual Assault Unit “seriously and systematically under-investigates” assault allegations.

Rape cases remain open for years with “little to no follow up.” One in five rape kits are left untested (like everywhere else). But the worst part is the disbelief and mindset of the officers when a victim would come to them — the police — to report a crime, like victims of crimes are supposed to. Because, you know, women are not trustworthy. Apparently, if a victim took too long to report her assault, she was discredited. Sex crimes detectives, the ones who are supposed to be the most sensitive and on top of this type of shit, would ask a victim, “Why are you messing this guy’s life up like that?

If you thought Hillary Clinton’s email situation was bad, this will blow your mind. In one email to a prosecutor, an officer called a victim a “conniving little whore,” according to CNN.

One officer, while explaining his job in the Sex Crimes Unit, told someone that all of their cases were “bullshit.” When a colleague told him he was wrong, the officer doubled down — “ninety percent” are bullshit, he conceded. The DOJ found that the police were biased and discriminatory against transgender people and sex workers, too.

This is why women don’t report assaults – because there is a gut instinct, because of our rape culture, that they will not be believed, that it won’t matter, that some asshole cop will take down their story and then put his feet up on the desk and call them a little whore after they leave.

I have a platform idea for the next presidential administration: the DOJ needs to do this kind of investigation in all major cities. It doesn’t have to be a year long, like the one in Baltimore; just six months. Because like racism, I have a sneaky little feeling that this kind of shit happens all over. Maybe not to this extreme, but it happens. If it didn’t happen everywhere, the Brock Turners of the world wouldn’t get off so easy.

Much like how the DOJ’s report was a little unsurprising in its big reveal that black lives don’t matter to the Baltimore police, the details about how sexual assault allegations are handled doesn’t really surprise me either. And that’s really sad.