Selena Gomez Surprised A Fan Who Had All The Feels And It Was Adorable

It’s sort of amazing how intensely some people feel about their favorite celebs. Like, some people really get into it. Which is why watching Selena Gomez surprise a fan in her bedroom is both a little creepy and pretty adorable all at the same time. Gomez was in Australia on her “Revival” tour and local radio station KISS 1065’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” found a super fan named Sophie Saunders who is so obsessed with Gomez that she once flew from down under to Dallas, Texas to see the star in concert. Yes, she flew from the other side of the world to catch a concert. If that’s not freaking hardcore, I don’t know what is.

Is it just me or is there something very nineties about all of this? The 22-year-old was actually in her room, filming a sing-a-long video to “Kill Em With Kindness,” that she thought was going to be sent to the singer, when Gomez just entered her house and strolled right into her room. Of course, Saunders flipped the fuck out. There is a lot of yelling and arms flapping and girly tears. I would be crying, too, if only because Selena Gomez caught me singing in my room.

Here’s Saunders, who can’t even talk about the time she went to Dallas and the singer got on stage without getting all flustered.

It’s amazing how fans get out of control when they see their person. Saunders immediately loses her shit when she sees Gomez come in like a creeper.

It’s not totally surprising that Gomez was game for a little fan action. Her BFF Taylor Swift is also prone to surprising super emotional fans. In fact, Swift made that sort of her thing back in the day. She used to pick certain fans to come backstage and meet her after shows, like on the regular. For her “1989” tour, she even made a Loft ’89 for super dedicated fans to chill in. Swift crashes weddings and hospitals on the regular, too.

Gomez used to do a YouTube thing where she would call some of her fans back and surprise them on the phone. You can just guess how loud the shrieks and “OMGGGGGGGGGGGs” were.

Gomez also told MTV she has a legit relationship with her fans. “Half the time I’m too honest on stage when I’m performing… But as an artist, whether it’s acting, performing, singing, writing, you want to share that, because that’s where you want the outlet to go. You want to have people understand you a little, but better, but in your own interpretation,” she said.

So maybe it’s not so crazy that Saunders (and all of her other superfans) connect with her so much. That’s kind of the point. And it’s pretty cute to watch two grown women flip out over each other.

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