Michael Phelps’ Ex, Taylor Lianne Chandler, Is Tired Of Seeing His Face Everywhere

For many, excitement for the Olympics is already starting to wane. But no one hates the Rio Summer Games more than Michael Phelps’ ex, who’s sick of seeing his face everywhere. I mean, I sort of am, too. Sure, the guy can swim and he has a bazillion gold medals, but I can relate to having a dude who hurt you and broke your heart becoming a fucking meme.

Also, it sounds like Phelps was not as good at dating as he is at the butterfly stroke. Taylor Lianne Chandler went on a pretty epic Facebook rant saying Phelps cheated on almost every woman he came across and that he’s not the good dude everyone makes him out to be.

Chandler says that being his ex has ripped her heart in the public sphere. “I have been victim shamed for almost a year and a half, while he is a hero and role model. I did absolutely nothing wrong, but in defending myself and wanting him to acknowledge the truth I’m a stalker, psycho, evil, abusive, nutcase that won’t let it go!” she writes. She’s talking about 2014, when Phelps got a DUI and did a stint in rehab. That doesn’t make him a bad person. But Chandler is still pissed off.

In her Facebook post, Chandler says she’s sick of the narrative that Phelps is a reformed man, who is now engaged to Nicole Johnson and has a son with her; Chandler alleges that Phelps was cheating on her all along.

She’s also sick how of how the media digs into her personal life. She wrote, “Wake up world and stop being blinded by the gold! You have systematically had the wool pulled over your eyes for years! Stop making me the villain. Ask him the important questions and make him accountable for his actions!”

Listen, no one knows Phelps’ true life, but Chandler has a point about being harassed and judged and shamed because she was part of a swimming hero’s life when he was down in the dumps. And maybe, after a few glasses of wine, Chandler had to take to Facebook to complain about how fucking annoying it is to see this guy, who she only knows as a big asshole who left her to the wolves, everywhere she turns.

But, her insistence on dredging up Phelps’ past in her post, knowing it would be eaten up by the media (hangs head) is sort of shitty. I don’t think Phelps is anything special really, but blasting him for a DUI, rehab, and sleeping around isn’t fair. Maybe it is a made up “narrative” that Phelps, as a celeb, has made for himself, but I don’t begrudge him any of those things.

If the roles were reversed, and Phelps was ranting about Chandler’s past as a porn actress and her mental health issues (all things that are public knowledge already, like Phelps’ rehab stint), it wouldn’t be acceptable. You don’t have to love the guy, and he might not be the best role model, but letting people move on from their past would be taking the high road. Just turn off the TV, Chandler. The Olympics will be over soon.