A British Tennis Player Was Maybe Poisoned At Wimbledon When She Got Super Sick

I get it. Any sports championship, like the Olympics, is pretty hardcore. But hardcore enough to hurt another person? Maybe. Police are investigating the possible poisoning of a female tennis player that occurred just before Wimbledon. The authorities haven’t confirmed the player’s name, but Gabriella Taylor, an 18-year-old British player, did have to withdraw from the tournament, so it looks like it could be her. According to CNN, the British police released a statement saying that on July 6, a woman became sick, and they’re investigating “an allegation of poisoning with intent to endanger life [or] cause grievous bodily harm.” They added that it’s still unknown when the poison was ingested, but it was definitely at the tennis tournament.

If the victim was Taylor, it’s pretty sad. She tweeted that she had to be in intensive care for four days and was sorry to have to pull out of the event. During the matches, Taylor was live tweeting her reactions, and she sounded pretty bummed that she couldn’t compete. She clarified on her social media pages that it wasn’t food poisoning that kept her off the court, but a virus. A virus brought on by… poison? Like, who the hell poisons people?

She was officially diagnosed with a rare strain of leptospirosis, which is also called Weil’s disease. The bacteria can be transmitted through rat urine. Nasty right? Her mother told BBC she thinks it’s impossible that her daughter just randomly fell ill from rat urine, since she was in a “healthy place.” Her mother, Milena Taylor, added, “It will take quite a long time for Gabi to recover completely, especially mentally. It’s been very scary as she was in a quite severe state and if you read up on the condition, it gives you lots of mortality cases.” Uh, yea, that’s scary AF.


This isn’t fucking Game of Thrones — it’s tennis. Who would have wanted Taylor to die rather than play against her? It’s like Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, but way more dramatic. And sinister. Poisoning someone takes a lot of forethought, planning, and patience. It’s totally creepy.

For now though, Taylor is back in training. Her mother said they are in Spain, but getting back into the (tennis pun alert) swing of things is going to be a ” long process” for her daughter. I hope the police Sherlock Holmes the hell out of this, because I want to know who did it.