Sia Is Headlining A Free Concert To Advocate For Better Abortion Access

The Australian pop star has joined the fight for women’s reproductive rights, with the announcement that Sia will be headlining a free concert for abortion access in September at Cleveland State University. The concert will take place Sept. 10 and will be presented by All Access, a coalition of human rights, women’s rights, and reproductive rights organizations representing different cultural, racial, and religious communities across America. According to All Access’ official Facebook page, other celebrities appearing at the concert will include Ghostbuster’s Leslie Jones, ex-Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams, and singer-songwriter Natalia Lafourcade.

While this isn’t Sia’s first venture into activism, her previous efforts have focused more on animal rights issues. In 2013, she and her dog were the faces of PETA’s campaign for pet neutering, and last year she provided one of her songs to a PETA campaign for cruelty-free fashion. On the human rights front, she appeared in 2015’s Shining a Light concert special, which aimed to advance race relations in the U.S.

In a public statement regarding her involvement with the All Access 2016 concert, Sia said, “We all need to stand together and be a part of creating the future we hope to see. There is so much support out there for an inclusive, equitable society that it’s time we showed our collective power.”

Despite the theoretical availability of abortion services in America, girls and women are often prevented from accessing the medical care they need. As of July, there are five states that only have one abortion clinic each. Numerous states have banned abortions after 20 weeks (or 19 weeks in South Carolina), even though pregnancies that need to be terminated past 20 weeks can seriously damage women’s health if proper treatment is not provided.

Thanks to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the federal funding of abortion except when the mother’s life is endangered by pregnancy or in cases of rape or incest, women who rely on federal funding such as Medicaid for healthcare are essentially barred from accessing abortions. These issues needlessly put the health, wellbeing, and lives of so many women at risk.

Sia’s presence at the All Access concert, as well as the appearances of Williams, Jones, and Lafourcade, demonstrate that women’s struggle for autonomy isn’t restricted to one country or people group. Like the saying goes, “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.” It’s disheartening as hell that women still have to fight for the right to control our own bodies, but every supporter brings us one step closer to equality.