Donald Trump Can’t Name One Woman He’d Put In His Administration (Besides Ivanka)

There are too many problems with Donald Trump to count. I mean, I don’t even know where to begin to start listing the reasons his candidacy should just be one very sick joke. But apparently, we have to take this shit seriously until he self-implodes or something. So let’s start with his sexism. When asked about who he would appoint to his cabinet, Donald Trump couldn’t name one woman for any job in the White House.

Except his daughter, Ivanka. Or the TV host who was asking him. “I can tell you everybody would say, ‘Put Ivanka in, put Ivanka in,’ you know that, right?” Trump told Angelia Savage, who hosts The Chat on First Coast News in Florida. “She’s very popular, she’s done very well, and you know Ivanka very well. But there really are so many that are really talented people — like you, you’re talented.”

His attitude about staffing the White House should disqualify him alone — it’s not just that he has a sort of creepy thing with Ivanka. Or female reporters, or females in general. He really has no fucking idea what’s he doing. Americans did get a glimpse at his economic team, who would be tasked with making America financially great again. There are no women there either. Or even men of color. According to Jezebel, there’s also only one actual economist. On the economic policy team.

That Trump doesn’t realize having no women on his team is a very big deal for two reasons. The first is that having a bunch of white men making decisions for the entire country is basically banging a u-turn on all of the progress that women and people of color have made in America. Trump’s attitude towards having women in his company and at his side, helping him to make decisions, is the epitome of misogyny. He doesn’t even hate women. It’s worse than that. He just doesn’t see that women aren’t objects or anything other than legs in a fancy dress.

Also, as a man running for president, Trump needs to at least pretend to consider that representation matters. When there are no seats on those stiff Oval Office couches for women or people of color, it means that most of America loses representation. Heck, even the United Nations has policies about diversity. But what does Trump care about that?

Remember when everyone was confused about Sarah Palin and then she finally admitted she didn’t read newspapers and couldn’t even think of one Supreme Court case? Donald Trump’s suggestion that he would put Ivanka in his cabinet and then float a bunch of his golf buddies for an economic team should just blow everyone’s fucking mind. This should be that moment. Although just this week, he’s yelled at a baby, hallucinated a plane, and insulted the parents of a war vet, so who knows what exactly will be Trump’s Palin moment.

I don’t know what to be angry about. His incompetency? His insistence that he is right? The attitude that good looks and “being popular” are even a thing that matters when it comes to running a country? That he treats women like animals?

I’m going to go with the last one.

The other presidential candidate is an overqualified woman. Our current president just wrote an essay in Glamour about his feminist values and the fight for equality. And then we have this doofus flirting with Florida TV hosts and insinuating that she would be just fine for an advisor on god-know-what. That Trump, given all of the progress America’s made, even gets a shot at this whole president thing is going to make me insane. And I swear, if Ivanka ends up wandering the West Wing, America only has itself to blame.