Chrissy Teigen Sent Kim Kardashian A Bereavement Card For Her Dead Blackberry

It is during times of grief and loss that the depth of our friendships show their true colors, so when Chrissy Teigen sent Kim Kardashian flowers and a bereavement card following the tragic death of Kardashian’s Blackberry, her status as a ride-or-die friend was confirmed. The loss of Kardashian’s beloved Blackberry was announced earlier this week on Twitter when the reality star and business mogul expressed dismay at what her next step in the grieving process would be. Should she buy another replacement Blackberry or is it time to branch out and replace her Blackberry with a Samsung?

As revealed in her stream of tweets, the death of the Blackberry certainly didn’t mean Kardashian was left phoneless, as she has a two-phone policy so there is always a working phone on which to Snapchat and spread the Kimoji love.

Fully understanding the nuanced state of grief and how even the smallest acts of kindness can temporarily uplift someone from the existential dredge of losing their favorite Blackberry, Teigen sent Kardashian a flowing bouquet of flowers and a card expressing her condolences for the loss of the phone. The 30-year-old supermodel included a tongue-in-cheek letter of comfort with the flowers that read: “I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved your BB. You were both very lucky to have each other and you will always have the memories. Xoxo Chrissy.”

Surely this expression of empathy only solidified feelings of sisterhood between the two millionaires.

“You guys, how thoughtful is Chrissy?” Kim said on Snapchat after receiving the arrangement. “She sent me this floral arrangement. She just gets me.”

Of course, even if she didn’t have the emotional support of Teigen, Kardashian received plenty of support from empathetic fans while tweeting the harrowing journey of her dead Blackberry.

Upon sensing both the sadness and decision fatigue of one of their favorite social media moguls, several tech-head users had enthusiastic suggestions. Including an all-caps ode to the OnePlus 3.

Going through the loss of a loved one is never easy, no matter how much support you receive, but it seems Kardashian is blessed with an arsenal of loving supporters willing to lend their listening ears and slivers of tech-related advice. The best of which in this scenario is Teigen and her ideal fusion of teasing and empathy. Godspeed to the next life, fallen Blackberry — I’ll pour one out on the dance floor for you tonight.