Kris Jenner Was In A Car Crash That Destroyed Her Brand New Rolls-Royce

The leader of the Kardashian/Jenner family has experienced a tragic loss — her new white whip. Prayers up, y’all. On Wednesday, reality TV mastermind and family empire creator Kris Jenner was involved in an accident in Calabasas, California. Jenner, 60, was whipping her fancy white Rolls-Royce by herself on the westside (of Calabasas Road) when a seemingly bad driver turned in front of her to get on the southbound part of the 101 freeway. Of course, the other driver’s identity has been kept a closely guarded secret, probably to keep the Kardashian fanatics of the world from rioting in the driver’s front yard. But, fear not everyone, the Kween of the Kardashian Krew had the angels of heaven on her side, and she’s OK. Thank ya Jesus for protecting Kris Jenner, for the front end of her Rolls-Royce has gone on to glory.

Sadly, Jenner’s shiny ride had only belonged to her for a week before a humble Prius ruined its beauty. Lip kit queen Kylie Jenner quickly headed to Twitter to ease fans’ minds by letting them know she was not in the car and her mom was fine. “I was not involved in the accident. Everything’s ok,” she said. After firing off a reassuring tweet, she rushed to Kris’ side since she was alone.

There were reports of Kris possibly hurting her wrist — which that won’t stop her from continuing her plot to take over the world, one Kardashian/Jenner business venture at a time. The injury hasn’t been confirmed, but TMZ reports that paramedics treated her at the scene. Kris told E! News after the accident that her hand “hurts” but she’s otherwise OK, so it’s likely not broken.

I’ll admit my heart sank a lot when I saw the car. It was a sweet ride, but I’m sure Kris will waste no time buying a replacement and getting back on the road. Right now, Kris is still understandably shaken up and in a little pain, but I’m sure she will keep on surviving.

I also send my deepest condolences out to the Prius driver. Your car insurance is about to be high as fuck and it has to suck to know you trashed such a fly ass car. It’s also probably upsetting to have your accident broadcast to the world because you managed to hit a famous person, but their identity is unknown, so at least they aren’t being attacked. Word to the wise: don’t crash into celebs.