Kim Kardashian Has Been Using A Blackberry This Whole Time

To be honest, I never felt bad for Kim Kardashian, because she apparently knows what the hell she wants out of life and goes for it. But finding out that Kardashian uses a Blackberry is blowing my mind. This week, Kardashian took to Twitter to lament the fact that her Blackberry Bold had finally crapped out. So, she’s not only using a Blackberry, she actually thinks other, regular people still use a Blackberry, too.

Did we just time travel to 2008? She wrote, “Sooo my blackberry bold died. I can’t find anymore on ebay. I knew this day would come & to be honest I’m prepared. But the question is….” and then in a second tweet she weighed the options. “Do I try a different kind of blackberry? Or ditch it all together? Or a different phone like Samsung?”

She does have an iPhone, too, as she revealed in a subsequent tweet. But she doesn’t want two iPhones, because that just doesn’t make any sense. Or, as she put it, she likes to have two phone “services,” so she always “has a working phone.” I mean, I get it. Her job, in life, is basically to just take selfies and approve Kimoji, so having two phones is necessary. But there’s something about Kardashian cry-facing about her Blackberry Bold that is just too much to handle.

I mean, Blackberry’s are super secure, and a high-profile woman like Kim needs some security. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had her own server, Hillary Clinton-style (who, by the way, also uses a Blackberry). Because national security and the next Taylor Swift blast are pretty much on even ground. I’m not being snarky, I actually believe that. Kardashian even added a crying Kim emoji in her Kanye-esque rant about her phones.

Kardashian using a Blackberry isn’t what’s great about this. What’s great is that she sounds like the hot mess you used to live with back in college who every Sunday morning would Facebook message, “sooooo I lost my phone last night,” and would have to haul ass to a T-Mobile store to get a new one and reconnect with the world. You know who I’m talking about.

But! Kardashian doesn’t have to worry about eBay being all out of old, worn out Blackberrys (and that Kardashian would use a used phone is a testament to her realness), because Blackberry has heard her cry for help.

Blackberry is sending her a new one, probably via a special courier, as you read this. In fact, when you read this, Kardashian will be tweeting again from a brand new, free Blackberry. So, next time it’s the end of of the month and you’ve been Kardashian-ing your nightlife and have to decide between your phone bill and a grocery haul (is that just me?), just think about that.