Leonardo DiCaprio Pranked Jonah Hill On The Street In New York Like A True Bro

Bros will be bros if this video of Leonardo DiCaprio pranking Jonah Hill in the middle of New York City is any proof. On Monday, a bystander caught DiCaprio spotting Hill from a block away and running up to him with his cell phone, pretending to be a fan. In the video, Hill is shocked and possibly scared for about 2.3 seconds before realizing it’s just Leo, and then they hug it out. They have a good laugh and slap each other on the back before DiCaprio introduces Hill to the group of bros he was walking around with, just drinking a refreshingly red drink (is that a Starbucks hibiscus iced tea?) in khaki shorts and what looks like espadrilles, but let’s not focus on that right now.

I mean, I always knew Leo was probably the kind of guy to wear a Newsies-style hat and rock baggy shorts, sipping iced coffee (just like ever other asshole in New York City), but I have to say it is sort of disappointing. I want him to have a little more class and not look like the kind of man I would turn my back to at a bar if he started talking to me. In fact, he looks downright obnoxious.

Also, pranks are not cool, Leo. Stop harassing your friends, even if it is Jonah Hill.

It’s not clear if The Wolf Of Wall Street stars were supposed to be meeting each other or if it was just a perfectly serendipitous New York moment. If they weren’t meeting in front of that restaurant (which is Carma Asian Tapas , a pretty cheap soup dumpling joint in the West Village), what the hell was Hill doing standing there for so long? He was also wearing jeans, a varsity jacket, and a hat — in the middle of 90-degree weather. Either that’s his disguise to hide from fans, or he has a death wish (I’m assuming he sweats a lot). I would love to know what Hill said to DiCaprio afterwards — I’m betting on something containing the word “asshole.”

So this is what they do with their lives when they aren’t making insane amounts of money on screen. They make fun of crazy fans.

I mean, even if it’s a little eye-roll worthy, it is sort of cute. Celebrities: just like us! Running into each other on the street! Awkwardly meeting each others “other” friends! Drinking iced tea! Creating memories!