More Top DNC Officials Resign In Response To The Massive Email Hack

After hackers exposed Democratic National Convention staffers’ emails blatantly conspiring against Bernie Sanders just before Hillary Clinton was officially nominated in Philadelphia, Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned. The blame has expanded further, as other top DNC officials resigned Tuesday. The Democratic Party announced in a statement that CEO Amy Dacey, communications director Luis Miranda, and chief financial officer Brad Marshall will all leave their positions.

The party is obviously trying to save face after the email hack revealed the clear bias toward now-nominee Clinton, but the announcement didn’t even mention the email hack. “Thanks in part to the hard work of Amy, Luis, and Brad, the Democratic Party has adopted the most progressive platform in history, has put itself in financial position to win in November, and has begun the important work of investing in state party partnerships,” said Donna Brazile, who replaced Wasserman Schultz as interim chairwoman, in a statement Tuesday.

Dacey is the highest ranking official to step down because of the scandal, and she’s already lined up a job with Squared Communications, a Washington-based Democratic consulting firm. Because of her position, she was in charge of the DNC’s day-to-day operations and came up in questionable emails about Senator Sanders.

Marshall sent one of the most offensive messages in which he asked about Sanders’ Jewish faith and suggested he be portrayed as an atheist. “My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” Marshall wrote. Dacey responded: “AMEN.”

Almost 20,000 emails were made public by WikiLeaks, and it’s believed Russians hacked into the party’s network, though the FBI is still investigating. U.S. officials suspect it was an attempt to help Donald Trump beat Clinton in the general election, as a Trump presidency would certainly favor Russia more than a Clinton presidency would. In a White House news conference Tuesday, President Obama said if Russia was involved in the hack, “it’s just one on a long list of issues that me and Mr. Putin talk about and I have a problem with.”

Brazile plans to bring in a temporary team until a permanent party chair is chosen, including former DNC executive director, Tom McMahon, according to The Washington Post. Members of Clinton’s team moved to DNC headquarters after she became the party’s presumptive nominee, including Brandon Davis, who became the DNC chief of staff and will head the party’s general election strategy.