Frank Ocean’s New Album, ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ Is Finally On Its Way

Who knows why it took so damn long, but Frank Ocean’s new album is officially coming out on Friday, according to most everyone. There have been many “release dates” for the much-anticipated Boys Don’t Cry follow up to his 2012 album Channel Orange, but it looks like this time it’s totally legit. So, you should prepare to hear Ocean bumping from all corners of the world this weekend.

The album is going to be released on Apple Music and a magazine (yes, really) of the same name will be available in the Apple Store as well. On Monday morning, Ocean’s website was updated with an Apple-hosted live stream of him playing around in a woodshop that had fans totally mesmerized. Director Francico Soriano took credit for the video, but it was still unclear what the hell Ocean was up to.

Now we know. Because what is an album release these days without a little hype and mystery? Beyoncé has taught everyone the art of creating extreme anticipation. Channel Orange is not just a beloved album, it was also critically acclaimed and was nominated for six Grammy awards. There is no reason to believe that the new one won’t be just as fucking great.

The thing about Ocean is that he’s not just a great R&B artist, he’s also an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ community. Before the release of Channel Orange, he came out as bisexual in a Tumblr post. After the Orlando shootings this summer, he took to the social platform again and wrote a moving and so-very-human tribute to the victims. The world needs to hear more from him.

If you’ve been trolling around Twitter, the wait for Ocean’s new album has been painful. Every time there’s a rumor about a release date, fans patiently wait and then are let down when it never shows up. The album was supposed to be released this July, but August is close enough, I guess.

Apart from his writing on Tumblr, Ocean has made appearances on other people’s albums in the past few years. He was on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo and James Blake’s The Colour in Anything. But now we’re getting a little Ocean all to ourselves — finally.

Since he announced the title over three years ago and teased the release with an image of an old library “due date” slip with a bunch of date stamps, it might be best to just sit and wait as patiently as possible for Friday, just in case the release gets pushed back yet again. I know. Just take deep breaths.

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