Hillary Clinton In A Bikini Is Too Hot For Australia And Must Be Taken Down

Hillary Clinton is the first female nominee for president in the United States, which means now, more than ever before, she’s going to have to take a lot of crap about her womanhood. Which is why this mural of Hillary Clinton in a bikini — a patriotic one at that, with some cash tucked into the hip — was to be expected. A small business in Melbourne ordered the mural done by Lushsux, who is the artist behind a simlar Kim Kardashian image, but local officials called it “offensive” and want it to be taken down within ten days.

Council chief executive Stephen Wall told ABC News, “We believe it is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, in accordance with the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007.” Lushsux called the move “pathetic,” according to Yahoo News. The artist’s Instagram account was also deleted, he told News.com.au, because he posted a picture of the “raunchy” mural. He’s thinking about painting over it and making Clinton wear a burqa. “No one could be offended by that,” Lushsux said. “If you were, you would be a racist, bigot, Islamophobic and xenophobic.”

Would that be better or worse? I honestly don’t know.

The artist thinks Melbourne is being a little prude and that Instagram, for deleting his account, is engaging in “politically motivated” censorship.

The thing is, the mural of Kardashian was a riff on her own Instagram post, where she was celebrating the ownership of her body. It wasn’t really sexist until some asshole sprayed “slut” right the fuck over it, sort of proving Kardashian’s point about the sexualization of the female body.

As for Clinton, the bathing suit is trashy AF, but it does make an interesting statement about Clinton. The cash, the stars and stripes, and the jarring visual of Clinton (America’s Stepford-esque potential president,) half naked, I think, make it worth looking at. Get it? She’s a political whore in that getup (as if Hillary is the only politician to ever connect politics to money, but I digress).

That’s not to say the artist doesn’t have a sexist tendency to paint women’s boobs on the side of buildings. He did the same with Melania Trump.

He’s also the guy behind that Taylor Swift mural.

It would be a lot cooler if he could try to think a little harder and make statements about American political and pop culture without painting a woman’s tits on the side of a building or essentially killing one off. If anything, Melbourne should get rid of the Clinton mural because it’s not even really all that good.