The ‘Broad City’ Stars Got Colonial To Respond To Hillary Clinton’s Nomination

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president and made history. As cameras panned the convention hall in Philadelphia, there were women in tears watching her take the stage. But the Broad City stars got colonial and responded to Clinton’s nomination in the best way possible on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson phoned in an interview with Colbert from Philly, as Josephine Hindley and Abatha Whitmore on July 4, 1776 of course, and were super excited to hear that America has a female president in the future. But when they realize it’s not until 2016, they get a little down. Glazer goes, “Get the butter out of the barn! Are you telling us it takes 240 years to get a female president?”

Sheepishly, Colbert tells them that it’s just a nomination and she hasn’t been elected yet. “What the butter is wrong with you people?” Jacobson responds. The women then recite the first line of the Declaration of Independence and stumble on the word “men” as they realize the founding fathers’ mistake. “You know that was supposed to mean all people, right?” Glazer asks. Again Colbert takes one for the future. “It took us a little while to figure that out,” he tells them.

Jacobson says she wants to celebrate the first female president (or even nominee) by making a dinner for husband and then cleaning it up immediately.

Glazer, as she is known to do, celebrates by heckling Ben Franklin. “Women are on top,” she says. “And not just your French whores!”

When they do get upset, they sort of have a point. I mean, what in the butter took so damn long for a woman to take the stage in a white suit and address the nation about its future? Colbert suggests that since the Declaration of Independence is still in the works, they could always convene everyone and edit it to say “people” or at least add women. But the women would rather smoke some “dank hemp rope,” just like everyone else.

It’s a cute response to the big night, especially because Glazer and Jacobson have been pretty obsessed with Clinton for some time, and got the candidate to make a cameo on their Comedy Central show. The comedians later said the cameo wasn’t a political statement, but it does seem like they’re feeling good about the nomination.

Even if it’s not a done deal yet, it was pretty good watching a woman (even if it was Hillary Clinton) get the nomination and be fierce enough (because it is Hillary Clinton) to take on Donald Trump in the general election. Let the general election games begin.