Rihanna Takes Her Wine To Go All The Time Because Why The Hell Not

Rihanna does what she wants, and if Rihanna wants to take her wine to go, Rihanna takes her wine to go. Like, all the fucking time, across continents, in any city. It’s not clear if she asks permission or if every time she leaves a restaurant, the servers and management are just so fucking happy to have served RiRi that they let her take the glass. Maybe they even top the glass off, just to make sure she doesn’t run out by the time she gets back to her ride. Sometimes the wine almost looks like it is meant to match her look. You and I might add earrings, a great mani, or a statement bag to a Saturday night outfit, but Rihanna takes her merlot.

It’s not just wine, either. She has also, as New York magazine’s The Cut has been diligently reporting for years, takes her red Solo cups out for a spin for a more casual look, with baggy jeans and T-shirt. Sometimes, it’s a delicious looking icy cocktail that she carries while wearing silky ass pajamas out on the town. I mean, if I could wear PJs and carry around a cocktail, I would probably go out more on the weekends.

On Thursday, as the first female ever accepted a nomination to be a candidate for the presidency, Rihanna was making more to-go wine history. MTV’s Josh Edwards started an entire thread of images of Rihanna leaving fancy restaurants, walking around with her wine glass. And he has just as many questions as I do about the simple act of giving no fucks. Like, what does she do after she finishes? Is her car just filled with crystal wine glasses, like some people’s backseats are repositories for old take out bags and soda cans?


And how does she balance the open container in a car? I manage to spill my Starbucks with a lid in the backseat of cabs all the time. But I am not Rihanna.

Also, where did she get that top? Because it’s something I need in my wardrobe right now.

Here’s one more:

I’ve said this before and I will, possibly obnoxiously, say it again: I think Rihanna and I could be besties if she’d give me a chance. I like baring my midriff. And flipping people the bird. And drinking wine, like all the time. If I were with Rihanna, no one would stop me from taking my glass along. Rihanna, call me. I promise not to spill.

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