Facebook Live Offers A Way To Document Sexual Harassment As It Happens

Racism and sexual harassment are two shitty things that have always been around. Now, we just see more of it. If you want proof (and if the surge of police brutality videos aren’t enough for you), put this woman’s live stream of her supervisor sexually harassing her in your pipe and smoke it. Makana Milho is a 21-year-old transgender woman living in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was doing community service cleaning bathrooms for six days to get her criminal record expunged for stealing a handbag from Nieman Marcus in 2014. To do her service, she had to ride in a company truck with the very gross Harold Villanueva Jr., 47, who asked her for sexual favors in return for getting to leave work early. He bragged about the shit he made other woman do for the same perk.

If you’ve ever watched Showtime’s Shameless, it’s like when Fiona works in a grocery store and the women are all blowing the manager in the backroom because they have to. Except Milho secretly live streamed an encounter on Facebook Live for the world to see. The video received hundreds of thousands of views, and of course a bunch of shitty comments about how Milho was egging him on, according to an interview with The Daily Beast.

Luckily, that didn’t matter. Villanueva was arrested and released on $500 bail, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser. Police and Villaneuva’s public defender didn’t comment on the ongoing investigation, but the jerk had been working for the city since 2002. Since he bragged on video about coercing other community service workers into sexual favors, who knows how many victims there were. According to Milho’s video, Villanueva told her that since she was an ex-felon, no one would believe her if she told on him.

But the motherfucker didn’t take smartphones, live streaming technology, or social media’s power into account. Milho said in a statement that she was inspired by Philando Castile’s girlfriend who filmed the aftermath of her boyfriend being shot by police. It’s terrible and sad and makes me want to punch something that there’s so much crap that women and minorities have to put up with. And I think live streaming is sort of annoying (I don’t want to watch the Periscope version of Beyoncé’s concert, I want someone to buy me a $400 ticket thank you very much), but if it means catching creeps in action, then I am all for it.

Whether it’s random violence, bullshit like some guy asking for a blowjob at work, or even politicians live streaming a sit-in after a media ban, everyone should be very excited about this live streaming shit, because it means that there’s proof. Instant proof. Proof that spreads. This asshole has probably been doing this for years. In six days, he gets arrested because someone had the know-how to hit “record.”

It’s not like there’s more violence, racism, or bad shit in the world; we just get to see it now. That’s good news, because one can only hope assholes will think twice about doing something shitty lest it be recorded and shared all over the place. Or at least caught and brought to justice.