Vice President Joe Biden’s DNC Speech Rightfully Ripped Donald Trump To Shreds

Joe Biden always gets the job done. The current vice president addressed the DNC crowd in Philadelphia on Wednesday with a rousing speech that endlessly bashed Donald Trump. He started his speech by giving props to President Obama and the first lady of the United States for a job well done while in the White House. Mr. Biden then quickly turned his attention to offer supportive words about presidential nominee Clinton. Biden said he has known Clinton for more than 30 years, served with her in the U.S. Senate, and even had a weekly breakfast at his home while she served as secretary of state.

The vice president made it clear he really knows Clinton and understands that she is passionate about issues that affect working class people, like student loans and unforeseen health issues. He also noted the impact Clinton will have on young women when she walks into the Oval Office. Biden was confident about her becoming the next president for one reason – she was the only candidate that would really “be there” for the average Joe, because that is her life story.

While his endorsement of Clinton was a shining moment, the best part of his speech was the scathing dig he took at Trump. Vice President Biden asked the audience to hear him loud and clear as he laid out the facts about the billionaire Republican candidate.

He called the loudmouth nominee out on his lack of empathy for working-class America and said Trump’s comments about caring for the middle class are a “bunch of malarkey.” In other words, VP Biden is unavailable for Trump’s bullshit.

“To state the obvious — and I’m not trying to be a wise guy here — that’s not Donald Trump’s story… His cynicism is unbounded,” Biden said. “His lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in a phrase I suspect he is proud of having made famous: ‘You’re fired.’ I mean really, I’m not joking… think about that.”

His passionate and straightforward delivery brought the crowd to their feet. Biden acknowledged his nickname as “middle-class Joe” in Washington, D.C. (a way of saying he is not “sophisticated”) and said he is fine with being who he is. Biden then continued to throw verbal jabs at The Donald, calling him clueless. After calming the “U-S-A” chanting crowd, he took a serious tone and talked about the ramifications of electing a man to be president who has no experience with national security issues and expresses intolerance toward others. He said:

“This is a complicated and uncertain world we live in. The threats are too great, the times are too uncertain to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States. No major-party nominee in the history of this nation has ever known less or has been less prepared to deal with our national security. We cannot elect a man who exploits our fears of ISIS and other terrorists, who has no plan whatsoever to make us safer, a man who embraces the tactics of our enemies — torture, religious intolerance… That’s not who we are. It betrays our values… Donald Trump with all his rhetoric would make us less safe.”

Well there you have it folks – the vice president just gave it to us straight up with no chaser. There’s nothing else to say. The entire speech has already been posted for your viewing pleasure, so check it out:

Joe Biden, you are indeed the MVP.