This Genius Replaced Family Photos With Steve Buscemi Until His Mom Noticed

Punking your family is the best, but this guy who replaced family photos with Steve Buscemi pics is a fucking champion. Wisconsin native Kevin Manion and his sister, Clare, dreamed up this glorious prank while on vacation from school, bored around the house, Clare told Buzzfeed. The whole family was in it, too, waiting for Mom to notice.

“My dad noticed [on] the second day but my mom didn’t notice until the fifth day,” Clare said. It took the matriarch a little longer. “She was in the kitchen and could tell something was wrong with my brother’s senior photo, like the colors were wrong, and his head was too big, so she walked over to it and started laughing so hard,” Kevin said.

I mean, he’s a hero. After tweeting a picture of the scene around the house, Kevin’s prank has now gone viral (and hopefully inspired similarly great jokes). Kevin said they chose Buscemi because he was made for the part. “He was just the perfect face to put all over the house according to my brother,” Clare told Metro UK. I mean, Buscemi is great in pretty much everything he does — and he probably will look awesome in your wedding and graduation pictures, too.

If you’d rather do something a little more original, there are other great, clean pranks to play on your family. Here are a few ideas.

The Impossible Bed

Fold the flat sheet on the bed in half and tuck it in securely on the sides so when the person gets into bed, they can’t go further than half way.

Spritz Life

Stick some duct tape on the nozzle of the kitchen sink, but leave a little gap towards the front where someone will stand, so they get sprayed. It’s a total dick move.

Eyes Everywhere

Like the Buscemi trick, just stick googly eyes to random objects around the house.

Computer Blackout 

Change the display on their computer to be black on black and watch them freak out.

The thing is, most pranks are just terrible, like putting confetti in the air conditioning vent of a car or hot chili pepper in baked goods that should be sweet — c’mon people, those are a little cruel. You always run the risk of hurting someone or ruining things. like glueing trash to the walls or putting shit in their shampoo bottles. It’s hard to play pranks on people and not look like a complete asshole. And seriously, what’s the point of a prank like that anyway?

The genius of the Buscemi swap out is that it just made a lot of work for him and mindfucked his parents. That’s just good old-fashioned summer fun.