Erykah Badu Gave The Most Amazing Palm Readings To Fans On Twitter

Anyone who’s ever done anything on a computer knows things can get weird on Twitter — and fast. This week, the social media site got weird in the best way possible, when singer-songwriter Erykah Badu started doing palm readings for fans. After someone tweeted “can you read my palm, tho?” at the star, she immediately proved her psychic abilities to the world.

Tons of people started tweeting pictures of their hands to Badu, and her readings were always spot on — from “A tree is still there. The moon still shines..,” to “You will Lay off the porn for 2 weeks,” to “According to my calculations you are dead.” Her accuracy was more than a little creepy. How did she know? Of course, no one’s psychic abilities can be perfectly tuned in all time, and even Badu had a few mishaps. She responded to one person’s palm photo, “Yes.. It’s coming to me. … Just lost it . I’m sorry.” Curse palm reading’s fickle tendencies.

The moral of this story is that Badu is a badass in every way, shape, and form. If her fans ask something of her (within reason), she will deliver. Here are some of Badu’s best readings from the past few days.

“It’s cloudy.”

“Santa is not real.”

“I feel You are too nice to these Hos.”

“I see hos in different area codes.”

“You ARE the father.”

“I see Netflix and I see..Is that chill?”

“U will catch the first gay Pokemon.”

“I see a baby in your future.”

“U the boss.”

“Pick up some of that stuff in that room.”

“You will meet you’re soul mate at a soup kitchen.”

“You shall burn as slow as a nicely rolled joint.”

“You are a real bitch.”

What amazing insights.

It certainly can’t be unseen.