Samantha Bee Calls Out TBS For A Sexist Joke About Hillary Clinton On Twitter

Samantha Bee is the feminist goddess the late-night talk show world was missing for years, and she doesn’t let anyone get away with casual sexism — even her own network. On Monday, Bee called out TBS for a sexist joke about Hillary Clinton tweeted out to the universe, proving that she really, truly stands by her ideals and doesn’t let gendered bullshit slide. Some misguided communications employee tweeted a vile video compilation to TBS Network’s account comparing Hillary Clinton’s laugh to a pack of hyenas, and the Full Frontal with Samantha Bee account tweeted back, “Delete your account.” If you’re blissfully unaware of how Twitter works, that’s a semi-polite way of saying, “Shut the fuck up.”

The video was titled “The Call of the Wild” and had the caption, “Move over Donkey! There’s a new mascot in town. … #ImWithHyena.” Both tweets have been deleted, and TBS issued a statement Tuesday, saying, “This post was obviously a poor attempt at humor and has been taken down. Moving forward we’ll leave political satire to professionals like Samantha Bee.” Yeah, let Bee make the jokes. She’s pretty good at it. TBS also made it clear the video was originally posted by it’s comedy site The Heckler and was reposted to the network’s account, but it was still gross nonetheless.

CREDIT: Full Frontal/Twitter

It’s one thing to bring attention to sexist comments and actions by politicians and other public figures, but it takes real courage to call out your employer. If you had any doubt Bee was a total badass (which you shouldn’t if you’ve ever seen her show, but just in case), you can certainly put those to rest. TBS renewed Full Frontal for 26 more episodes in April after the first season racked up a ton of loyal viewers, so she wasn’t being terribly risky, but there’s always the possibility of negative repercussions any time you stand up to a superior, let alone the major network that produces your talk show.

Luckily the network had the good sense to listen to Bee and apologize for the gendered jab at the first female presidential candidate for a major political party in the U.S. As the election continues (we have three more months of this slow-burning fire to endure), undertones of sexism will surely pop up everywhere, and it’s important that women with a public platform point out when and how Clinton is being treated differently than Donald Trump.

We may have a female presidential candidate, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be treated fairly or even like an actual human being, so keep up the good fight, Bee.