A Group Of 80 Year Olds Remade The “Shake It Off” Video And It’s Pure Magic

When Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” comes on anywhere, even in a closeted Swift fan’s earbuds, it’s grating. It’s a terrible fucking song. Which is why it’s so perfect that a bunch of senior citizens remade “Shake It Off” in their own glorious way. Because what everyone needed to make that song worthwhile was a bunch of elderly people acting out every scene exactly like Swift. The now-viral video was created by a group of residents at the Julia Wallace Retirement Village in New Zealand, and it’s funny as fuck.

Not in a mean, “let’s all point and laugh at old people dancing” sort of way, but in a “these motherfuckers know what’s up” sort of way. Because it’s better than the real thing. According to Metro.uk, the stars of the video have an average age of 82-years-old and spent a week filming the video in April, along with resident staff and their grandchildren.

This wasn’t just some one-off remake, either. The 50-some participants in the video are all part of a group organized by New Zealand-based Ryman Healthcare’s “80 Odd Years Of Happy” initiative, and they have also done a “Saturday Night Fever” knockoff and other amazing music videos. Basically, they get down.

I mean, this is better than any “showtime” routine I’ve ever seen on a New York City subway.

Because seriously, can your grandparents do that? I mean, maybe they can. Watching them, I’m not sure that even I would have that kind of energy and creativity left to play around and lip sync Swift songs.

Then again, it’s all about how society views getting older that makes this video so mesmerizing — racking up thousands of views in a week, according to Buzzfeed. They’ve also done Pharell’s “Happy.”

A spokesperson for the retirement village said in a statement, “Our residents do exercise classes and love music. They did a flash mob at a mall about a year ago and then they did a nude calendar for charity — they love doing different things. They liked the song because it could involve the staff and grandkids as well.”

Did I mention that they also made their own costumes?

I don’t want to sound glib, but there’s something about watching these 80 years olds that reminds me of being a preteen. I remember hanging out with girls who were choreographing routines to bad music on slow summer days and being — my awkward self, always — sort of dragged into it. But it ends up being fun. There’s something really fucking joyful about not having much to do except goof around. And if you also get to make costumes and bicker about who gets to do the headstands? It makes me stop worrying about getting old for a (split) second.