Jason Momoa As Aquaman In The ‘Justice League’ Trailer Is Almost Uncomfortably Hot

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, superhero fans were treated to the debut trailer for DC’s upcoming Justice League movie, and they got psyched. Not just because it contained humor and actual colors, unlike Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, but because it provided a first glimpse of Jason Momoa  in action as Aquaman, king of the seas. And it was HOTTT. So hot that one T is not sufficient to contain the hotness. Sebastian the crab was right. It is better down where it’s wetter. I’m not sorry for any of these things I’m saying. I’m drunk on Momoa, it’s fine.

Momoa is half native Hawaiian, making this the first time a Pacific Islander actor will play a superhero in a blockbuster of this scale. The Polynesian-style shark tooth and fish scale tattoos across Aquaman’s body are a nod to this part of his heritage, as well as to the armor worn by the character in the comics. Excuse me while I study those tattoos very, very closely, for…uh…research.

Comics depict Aquaman as a blonde white guy who looks like he just got in from Kansas, so the casting of Momoa may upset some purists. But fuck ‘em. Whose culture has more connections with the ocean: Taylor Swift’s future boyfriends in Kansas or Hawaiians? Right. Momoa himself has previously talked about the significance of playing Aquaman in terms of his heritage:

The greatest thing for me is that Polynesians, our gods, Kahoali, Maui, all these water gods, so it’s really cool and a honor to be playing a [water] character. And there’s not too many brown superheroes, so I’m really looking forward to representing the Polynesians, the natives.

My God, he’s wonderful.

Casting Momoa in the role of Aquaman also gives the character a much-needed shot of coolness. Despite being the ruler of the ocean, Aquaman often gets the short end of the stick in fandom, as exemplified in Bruce Wayne’s comment to him in the trailer: “I hear you can talk to fish.” However, Momoa’s Aquaman is far from a joke. He faces down towering waves that would kill a lesser being. He’s clearly able and willing to take on Batman in a fight. He’s built as hell, and did I mention he’s crazy hot?

Snyder’s initial advertising for the character gave some indication of this approach. Part of the early promotional campaign for Batman vs. Superman was a poster of Momoa as Aquaman with the text “Unite the Seven.” Media coverage speculated that this referred to Aquaman uniting the seven seas for an as-yet-unknown purpose. But the message was clear: this man is a king. And an amazingly sexy king at that.

Momoa appears to be wearing some funky contacts which lighten his eye color, but except for that, his Aquaman is what I’ve been waiting for all my life without even knowing it: a proud Hawaiian actor doing proper kingly superheroics on the big screen. It’s something we’ve never seen before, but my great hope is that we’ll get to see it a lot more often.