Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Be On ‘Drunk History’ To Continue His Reign Of Charm

The award-winning musical Hamilton has taken the world by dance storm, causing musical theater and hip hop enthusiasts alike to take to the theater to fan their sweaty bodies as they fall in love with the charming cast of actors. In what will likely only further cement his universal crush-status, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will appear on Drunk History this coming fall.

Tossing aside the natural assumption that Miranda will be drunkenly reprising the story of Hamilton on the show, Miranda noted that as an avid Drunk History fan himself, he remembers the story of Alexander Hamilton being covered on the very first episode of the show featuring Michael Cera.

Does this mean Miranda will be forced to get drunk and tell another historical anecdote? Although disappointing for those who still can’t afford to see Hamilton live (*slowly raises hand*), any story Miranda is assigned will undoubtedly be charming given his aptitude for making history feel fresh and modern. Depending on the booze he drinks, maybe he’ll launch into a slurred rap detailing his second favorite story in history, or maybe the episode will prove itself as deeply boring and disappointing, which in some ways might further humanize the seamlessly charming star.

The official announcement revealing Miranda’s upcoming Drunk History episode was made by creator Derek Waters on Thursday during a panel at Comic-Con. As they’ll be entering the fourth season of the show, Waters had no problem announcing that Miranda will be narrating the rivalry between Aaron Burr and Hamilton, marking the show’s second feature of that same story. Since Miranda is no longer performing in Hamilton, this might quench the parts of him that miss the stage.

With all due respect to Cera, this rendition of the story will definitely set itself apart from the first episode. It’s hard to imagine a man who wrote a groundbreaking Broadway play about this story somehow flubbing the details. Plus, if he somehow does get so wasted he’s unable to recount the famous rivalry, that might prove to be even more entertaining given who he is.

You may be wondering when exactly should you tune in to fall deeper in love with this man. The date of his episode is still to be announced, but the fourth season itself will air Sept. 27 and will feature episodes with other beloved stars including Jack McBrayer (Kenneth on 30 Rock) and David Koechner (Todd on The Office)Needless to say, this upcoming season of Drunk History looks like it will have some guaranteed gems — or more accurately, some guaranteed spit takes.