Laverne Cox Looks Absolutely Fabulous In The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Trailer

Fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show are integral to the experience. Which is why Fox gave a lucky group of them at Comic Con in San Diego this week a sneak preview of their made-for-television version that will air in October. If you’re a little wary of a remake, I don’t think you should be too nervous because Laverne Cox in the new Rocky Horror Picture Show looks fucking fabulous as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. In a nice nod to the original film, Tim Curry, who played Dr. Frank-N-Furter back in the day, is playing The Criminologist, who acts as the narrator. So it’s one big, happy Rocky Horror family. I think it’s going to be absolutely perfect, and for Rocky Horror Picture Show rookies, it will be a worthy introduction to the film.

Director Kenny Ortega did tweak some things in the new adaptation. The film opens at a theater playing The Rocky Horror Picture Show and “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” the opening number, is performed by a female usher instead of those iconic red lips. In a nod to the actual, IRL midnight showings, the theater audience reacts to cues from the characters on the screen.

Most people, at least me, have only seen Cox in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black (and we barely saw her this season, which was pretty upsetting), but this is an entirely different role. From the new trailers released on Facebook, it looks like she’s really getting into it.

It’s also telling that everyone who got a sneak peak of the movie’s first 25 minutes, including “The Time Warp” and some of the other musical numbers, isn’t complaining.

On Twitter, Cox has been sharing her excitement for the premiere on October 20. At the panel before the preview, Ortega said that after Cox was screened for the part, there wasn’t a “plan B.” Because why would there be any other contender for the role?

I’m filled with anticipation.

Of course, the original movie is where it’s at, but it’s no fun to just watch the movie. The real fun of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is watching it with other people in a theater, maybe even with a live cast, and participating in the show yourself. It’s going to be tough to recreate that kind of action on a small screen, so it’s probably best to start inviting people over to watch with you like, now. No one wants to yell at their TV screen alone.