George Harrison’s Estate Is Pissed Ivanka Trump Used “Here Comes The Sun,” But The Trumps’ Music Problem Goes Much Deeper

The daunting robot known as Ivanka Trump roused the ghost of former Beatles member George Harrison when she used one of his songs, or at least his family voiced frustration on his behalf after the young Trump played the song without their permissoin. Harrison’s estate was not happy Trump used “Here Comes The Sun” at the Republican National Convention as she took the stage to introduce her father as the GOP presidential nominee.

The Harrison family and keepers of the estate swiftly took to twitter after they witnessed Trump exploit the homage to spring with her insidious RNC entrance, saying: “The unauthorized use of #HereComesTheSun at the #RNCinCLE is offensive & against the wishes of the George Harrison estate.” The estate tweeted again later, making light of the debacle by claiming Harrison would have perhaps lent his permission if Trump picked a song more up her alley, saying, “If it had been Beware of Darkness, then we MAY have approved it! #TrumpYourself.”

It’s darkly funny to imagine Harrison rolling over in his grave gawking aghast at not only the lack of progress America has made in the decade since his death, but the large regressive political moves. All jokes aside, the Trump campaign’s unauthorized use of music is just another small symptom of a reckless entitlement that emulates fascism all too well. The Harrison estate was just one of a handful of angry musicians whose work was used without permission and bastardized by being affiliated with Trump and the RNC.

Besides attempting to smear the sunny musical associations of Abbey Road, speakers at the RNC managed to spark backlash from the beloved member of Earth Wind & Fire after their song “September” was used without permission on the second night of the convention, when Trump was officially announced as the GOP nominee.

But wait, the RNC didn’t contain their music-stealing to just The Beatles or Earth Wind & Fire, they also managed to piss off the classic rock darlings Queen when Trump used “We Are The Champions” as the background song for his introduction of Melania.

If you haven’t picked up the pattern yet, it seems the Trumps decided to forego the straightforward, respectful, and legal process of requesting authorization from musicians and their representatives. During the slew of understandable complaints, musician Paul Rodgers also spoke up about the unauthorized use of his song “All Right Now.”

The pattern of musicians very clearly expressing not only their lack of consent, but their blatant distress at the use of their music at the convention shows a very clear correlation between possessing good taste and creativity and disliking Trump.